2nd Edition

Strategies in Learning and Using a Second Language

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ISBN 9781408253991
Published May 5, 2011 by Routledge
440 Pages

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Book Description

Strategies in Learning and Using a Second Language examines what it takes to achieve long-term success in languages beyond the first language. Distinguishing language learning from language-use strategies, Andrew D. Cohen disentangles a morass of terminology to help the reader see what language strategies are and how they can enhance performance. Particular areas of research examined in the book include:

- links between the use of task-specific strategies and language performance

- how multilinguals verbalise their thoughts during language learning and use

strategies that learners use in test-taking contexts

In this fully revised and substantially rewritten second edition, every chapter has been reworked, with material either updated or replaced. Entirely new material has also been developed based on examples of specific strategies supplied by actual learners, mostly drawn from a website featuring these strategies in the learning of Spanish grammar.Strategies in Learning and Using a Second language will be an invaluable resource for language teachers and researchers, as well as for administrators of second language programmes and for students of applied linguistics.

Table of Contents

1   Introduction


2   Coming to terms with second language learning and language use strategies


3   Methods for investigating language learning and language use strategies


4   The practice of strategy instruction


5   Research on strategy instruction


6   Strategies for choosing the language of thought


7   Strategy use in language assessment


8   Discussion and conclusions




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Andrew D. Cohen is a professor in phased retirement with the Program in Second Language Studies at the University of Minnesota. He has conducted research on language learner strategies for over 35 years and has himself studied 11 languages beyond his native English. His recent books include Language Learner Strategies (co-edited with Ernesto Macaro, 2007) and Teaching and Learning Pragmatics (co-authored with Noriko Ishihara, 2010).


"...this book is best characterised as Cohen's selected highlights of research on language learner strategies. Or, to use Cohen's own words, it is a "salad-bowl" (p. 2) with visible large chunks of vegetables. I would immediately add that it is not just any salad-bowl, it is a bowl of salad with a unique Cohen flavour, with precious ingredients rarely found elsewhere...this book does an excellent job in showcasing the best of what language learner strategies research has to offer today."
- Peter Yongqi GU, Senior Lecturer at the School of Linguistics & Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

"Unlike most texts in the field of learner strategies, which generally focus on one or two specific areas, this text is beneficial due to its integration of numerous themes. Each topic is explored in detail, and there is a good balance between theoretical background information and the presentation and discussion of up-to-date research. The book is easily readable and the ubiquitous collection of discussion questions and activities at
the end of each chapter encourages readers to actively test their knowledge of the information found in each chapter."
- James Rock, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Milan, Italy.
LINGUIST. http://linguistlist.org/issues/22/22-3716.html. 23 Sept 2011.

"This book does an excellent job in showcasing the best of what language learner strategies research has to offer today. As such, it should help the effort in rekindling interest in the field."
- ELT Journal