1st Edition

Strategizing Societal Transformation Knowledge, Technologies, and Noonomy

    228 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    228 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    228 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This book is dualistic in its nature: it seeks to combine two approaches to the analysis and assessment of societal development prospects and to strengthen the capacity of each. The book describes the strategic development of regional economies as well as worldwide trends. The theory and methodology of strategy should extend much further and deeper than what is obvious to everyone. Strategy is aimed at the effective movement of the object of strategizing to the reality that does not exist and will only begin to form within a certain period of time, which is determined by long-term prospects.

    One approach has at its core managing the information and technological development of society—its social and economic transformation—through developing and implementing a particular strategy with a concept or doctrine of the planned guidelines as its first stage. Strategizing the information-technological transformation of society is proved to be most effective when it covers long-term development periods, which will lead to significant and even fundamental changes in the values and priorities of socio-economic development. Another approach described in this volume, which is implemented in conjunction with strategizing, is connected to the conceptual understanding of long-term development. The concept of noonomy represents a complex theory of transformation based on technological change and the resulting shifts in social organization. It demonstrates not only trends but also qualitative social shifts to which these transformations lead. In this way, the approach put forward in the theory of noonomy makes it possible to anticipate and evaluate distant horizons of social development and to grasp the transitions from one stage to the next. Employing the concept of noonomy in the processes of strategy is a prognostic phase, immediately preceding the processes of strategy and creating a reference point for them.

    This book represents the unique strategy concepts (V. L. Kvint) and noonomy (S. D. Bodrunov) have been brought together. The idea of uniting the authors’ views on the problems of civilizational development has a common scientific platform: the definition of long-term goals and the choice of economic and strategic tools to achieve them. This book summarizes the authors’ main approaches to the issues at hand to facilitate the applied problem set by the authors, which is to demonstrate the productivity of synthesizing these approaches to the study of societal development patterns for subsequent use in their theoretical and practical implementation.

    1. Global Development Trends

    2. Trends in Socioeconomic Developmental Goals and Priorities

    3. The Basis for Strategizing National Development

    4. Strategic Goals of Socioeconomic Development

    5. Priorities for the Modernization of the National Economy

    6. Strategizing on the National, Regional, and Sectoral Economies


    Dr. Vladimir Kvint is a worldwide leading expert in strategy and the processes of strategizing. He is a US Fulbright Scholar with about 50 years of experience in this field. He has been a professor at Fordham University, NYU, the American University in Washington D.C., La Salle University, Moscow State University’s Moscow School of Economics, Vienna Economic University, and others. He has consulted for leading industrial and high-tech companies around the world, including General Electric, Transamerica, the architectural and planning firm RMJM, Arthur Andersen, etc. In addition, he has consulted and created strategies for heads of states and governments in several countries. His books have been translated and published in 18 countries, including Albania, China, Germany, Great Britain, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, the United States, Uzbekistan, and others. He has also published many articles in Forbes Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and other magazines.

    Dr. Sergey D. Bodrunov is the author of the book Noonomy, which received the Distinguished Achievement Award for Political Economy in the Twenty-First Century by The World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) at the WAPE Forum in Berlin (16-19 of July 2018). In the field of reindustrialization and the development of human civilization, Dr. Bodrunov has published research that was translated in several countries and discussed at many international conferences, including at the universities of Beijing, Berlin, Cambridge, Moscow, New York, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Vienna, and many other world centers of economic thought.

    “Professors Kvint and Bodrunov provide terrific insights on societal transformation through strategic development. The book is very unique, and a must read for anyone involved in strategy implementation. Information and technology have been instrumental in our current environment, and the book is exceptional in how a society can be transformed through applying strategic concepts with “noonomy”—transformation through technological change. This book is a delightful addition to the strategy literature.”
    —Y. Joseph Ugras, Interim Dean, La Salle University School of Business, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA