1st Edition

Strategy and Structure Studies in Peace Research

By Johan Niezing Copyright 1978

    This text offers a selection of writings that are more definite versions from past conferences. Including papers from lectures at the Inter-University Centre of Postgraduate Studies, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia (course: Theories on Development, Conflict and Peace, 1975 and 1976); from conferences of the VVK (the Belgian-Dutch Association of Peace Researchers) in 1976 and 1977; Chapter V was also a contribution to the 1977 meeting of the Dutch Association for Political Science. Most of the chapters of this book have also been published earlier in one way or another. Chapter II has been published in a Dutch journal, ‘Transactie’ and in a modified English version in the Bulletin of Peace proposals, 1976, 2. Chapter IV appeared in a Dutch journal Tntermediair’, 1974, 1. Chapter V was published originally in the Annals of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Political Science of our Brussels University. Chapter VI has its own history: it can be viewed as a very condensed version of a rather extensive study in the Dutch language: ‘Budgetteringssysteem en Bewapeningsproces; een studie over de politieke en polemologische betekenis van PPBS’ (published as Vol. Ill of a series of publications in the Dutch language of our Brussels Polemological Centre).

    I — Peace Research and the Armament Process, by way of introduction II — Security: the Case of Conflicting Policies, a chapter on values III — Understanding Negotiations: the Case of Arms Control, a chapter on methodology IV — Disarmament: the Case of Graduated Unilateralism, a chapter on wishful theories V — Diplomacy: the Case of Multilateralism, a chapter on outmoded theories VI — Defence Politics: the Case of PPBS, a chapter on quasi-rationality


    Johan Niezing Professor of International Relations and Director of the Polemological Centre of the Free University of Brussels (vuB)