2nd Edition

Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance

Edited By Ian Jeffreys, Jeremy Moody Copyright 2021
    740 Pages 133 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    740 Pages 133 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    An effective strength and conditioning program is an essential component of the preparation of any athlete or sportsperson. Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance is a comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the theory and practice of strength and conditioning, providing students, coaches and athletes with everything they need to design and implement effective training programs.

    Revised and updated for a second edition, the book continues to include clear and rigorous explanations of the core science underpinning strength and conditioning techniques and give detailed, step-by-step guides to all key training methodologies, including training for strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and plyometrics. The second edition expands on the opening coaching section as well as introducing an entirely new section on current training methods which includes examining skill acquisition and motor learning. Throughout the book the focus is on the coaching process, with every chapter highlighting the application of strength and conditioning techniques in everyday coaching situations.

    Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance includes a unique and extensive section of sport-specific chapters, each of which examines in detail the application of strength and conditioning to a particular sport, from soccer and basketball to golf and track and field athletics. The second edition sees this section expanded to include other sports such as rugby union, rugby league and American football.

    The book includes contributions from world-leading strength and conditioning specialists, including coaches who have worked with Olympic gold medallists and international sports teams at the highest level. Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance is an essential course text for any degree-level student with an interest in strength and conditioning, for all students looking to achieve professional accreditation, and an invaluable reference for all practising strength and conditioning coaches.

    Section I: Coaching

    1. Considerations for Effective Coaching in Strength and Conditioning: Foundations of the Modern Profession

    Dave Collins, Jeremy Moody and Paul Downes

    2. Ecosystem thinking for the strength and conditioning coach

    Ian Jeffreys

    3. Skill acquisition and Motor Learning

    Michael Massis and Ian Jeffreys

    4. The Craft of Coaching

    Nick Winkelman

    Section II: Scientific Basis of Training

    5 - The Structure and Function of the Neuromuscular System

    Ian Jeffreys

    6. The Biomechanical Basis of Training

    Jon Goodwin and Daniel J. Cleather

    7. The Bioenergetics of Human Performance

    James P. Morton and Graeme L. Close

    8. Cardio Respiratory Control of Exercise and Adaptation to Training

    Fred J. Dimenna and Andrew M. Jones

    9. The Endocrine Responses to Training

    Duncan N. French

    10. Nutrition for Human Performance

    Graeme L. Close, Andreas M. Kasper, and James P. Morton

    Section III: Strength and Conditioning – Applied Practice

    11. Effective Needs Analysis and Functional Training Principles

    Steven S. Plisk and Ian Jeffreys

    12. Performance Diagnostics

    Jeremy M. Sheppard, Dana Agar-Newman, and Tim J. Gabbett

    13. Screening Methods for the S&C Practitioner

    Claire Brady and Liam Hennessy

    14. Developing Strength and Power

    Michael H. Stone, Hugh Lamont, Kevin Carroll, and Meg Stone

    15. Weightlifting for Sports Performance

    Mike Favre and Mike Favre

    16. Plyometric Training – Theory and Practice

    Jon Goodwin and Ian Jeffreys

    17. Developing Speed and Agility for Sports Performance

    Ian Jeffreys and Jon E. Goodwin

    18. Developing endurance for Sports Performance

    Fred J. Dimenna and Andrew M. Jones

    19. Flexibility – Developing Effective Movement

    Jeni R. McNeal and William A. Sands

    20.The Essentials of Periodisation

    G. Gregory Haff

    Section IV: Special Considerations in Strength and Conditioning

    21. Thinking Sensibly About Recovery

    William A. Sands and Steven R. Murray

    22. Paediatric Strength and Conditioning

    Avery D. Faigenbaum and Fernando Naclerio

    23. Working with Special Populations

    Mark Jarvis and Jeremy Moody

    24. Performing in Extreme Environments

    Charles Peglar and Greg Whyte

    25. Facility Design, Maintenance, Safety and Record Keeping

    John H. Taylor

    Section V: Current Training Methods

    26. Velocity based training

    Bryan Mann

    27. Post Activation Potentiation

    Joseph I. Esformes and Jeremy A. Moody

    28. Blood Flow Restriction Training

    B.A. Rosenblatt, L. Hughes, and s. Patterson

    29. Strength and Conditioning for Rugby Union

    Stuart Yule

    30. Strength and Conditioning for Football

    Gary J. Walker

    31. Strength and Conditioning for Cricket

    Huw Bevan

    32. Strength and Conditioning for Golf

    Liam Hennessy

    33. Strength and Conditioning for Rowing

    Alex Wolf

    34.Strength and conditioning for Field Hockey

    Andy Hudson

    35. Strength and Conditioning for Basketball

    John H. Taylor

    36. Strength and Conditioning for Tennis

    Narelle Sibte

    37. Strength and Conditioning for Cycling

    Martin Evans

    38. Strength and Conditioning for Track and Field – Throws

    Meg Stone

    39. Strength and Conditioning for Swimming

    John Watson and Jeremy Moody

    40. Strength and Conditioning for MMA

    Amit Batr and Bartosz Bibrowicz


    Ian Jeffreys is Academic Director of Setanta College, Ireland’s largest online sports college, and is the Proprietor of All-Pro Performance based in Brecon, Wales. He is an internationally renowned coach and educator, and is regarded as a world authority in the development of speed and agility and conditioning for team sports, where his unique Gamespeed system and RAMP warm-up protocols have been adopted by a range of coaches and organisations. Jeffreys is a founder member of the United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association and was a member of the Board of Directors from the organisation’s inception in 2004 through to 2013. Jeffreys has authored nine books and is the editor of the UKSCA journal Professional Strength and Conditioning.

    Jeremy Moody is a Senior Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning and Programme Director for the MSc in Strength and Conditioning at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. His experience extends across able-bodied and disabled sports, gaining an international coaching reputation having coached successful athletes at the Commonwealth, European, World, Olympic and Paralympic levels of competition as well as youth and developing athletes. Moody’s industry-based roles have included Regional Lead at the English Institute of Sport, Performance Manager at UK Athletics, Performance Director for the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Association, and Performance Director and Chief Operations Officer at Welsh Judo.