1st Edition

Strengths in Diverse Families of Faith Exploring Religious Differences

Edited By David C. Dollahite, Loren D. Marks Copyright 2020
    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores how religious families draw on their spiritual beliefs, religious practices, and faith communities to help them strengthen their marital relationships and their parenting.

    Using in-depth interviews from eight religious groups – Asian American Christian; Black Christian; Catholic and Orthodox Christian; Evangelical Christian; Jewish; Latter-day Saint; Mainline Protestant; and Muslim – the book uses the interviewees’ own words to show how their religion impacts their lives and influences their relationships. The book also includes an introductory chapter which describes the study and the sample; a conceptual chapter which places the empirical chapters in theoretical context in sociological study of religious families; and a concluding chapter which describes how the editors and authors developed respect and admiration for religious cultures other than their own.

    Drawing on such a diverse group of religions in America, this book will be of interest to those studying individual religious groups, as well as wider ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Marriage and Family Review.

    Introduction: Exploring Strengths in American Families of Faith

    David C. Dollahite and Loren D. Marks

    1. The Inner Logic of Religion(s): Theoretical Implications Regarding Eight American Religious-Ethnic Communities

    Greg J. Wurm, David C. Dollahite, and Loren D. Marks

    2. New Christians in a New Land: Faith Journeys of Asian American Immigrant Families

    Daye Son, Braquel R. Egginton, Yaxin Lu, Amy L. Ai, Loren D. Marks, and David C. Dollahite

    3. Weathering the Storm: The Shelter of Faith for Black American Christian Families

    Mallory A. Millett, Lauren E. Cook, Antonius D. Skipper, Cassandra D. Chaney, Loren D. Marks, and David C. Dollahite

    4. Kept Together by Faith: Confession and Forgiveness among American Catholic and Orthodox Christian Families

    Thomas White, Joe M. Chelladurai, Pamela A. Monroe, James C. Garand, David C. Dollahite, and Loren D. Marks

    5. Relationship with God and the Word: Faith among American Evangelical Christian families

    Savannah L. Kroff, Katie Lee Cragun, J. Roberto Reyes, Joe D. Wilmoth, David C. Dollahite, and Loren D. Marks

    6. Shalom bayit—Peace of the Home: Ritual and Tradition in American Jewish Families

    Heather H. Kelley, Ashley B. LeBaron, Lance J. Sussman, Jay Fagan, David C. Dollahite, and Loren D. Marks

    7. Together Forever: Eternal Perspective and Sacred Practices in American Latterday Saint Families

    Nathan D. Leonhardt, Elisabeth R. Kirchner, Tommy M. Phillips, Antonius D. Skipper, David C. Dollahite, and Loren D. Marks

    8. Loving God, Loving Others: The Sacred Among American Mainline Protestant Families

    T. J. Moore, Melanie S. Hill, Pamela Ebstyne King, Rob Palkovitz, David C. Dollahite, and Loren D. Marks

    9. Answering to Allah: Relational Unity among American Muslim Families

    Lee W. Essig, Melanie L. Lott, Mona M. Abo-Zena, Zahra Alghalfi, Loren D. Marks, and David C. Dollahite

    10. Surmounting the Empathy Wall: Deep Respect and Holy Envy in Qualitative Scholarship

    Loren D. Marks and David C. Dollahite


    David C. Dollahite is Camilla E. Kimball Professor of Family Life at Brigham Young University, USA. His scholarship focuses on the nexus of religion and family relationships.

    Loren D. Marks is Professor of family life at Brigham Young University, USA, where he is Director of the Marriage, Family, and Human Development graduate program. He is author of Religion and Families: An Introduction.