1st Edition

Stress, Immunity, and Aging

By E. L. Cooper Copyright 1984

    This book contains two personal reminiscences of historical importance to research on stress and infectious disease. It deals with perspectives on immunity, aging, and disease and the prospects for immunorestoration in the treatment of immunodeficiency arising from aging and stress.

    1. Emotions, Immunity, and Disease: An Historical and Philosophical Perspective Part I: Overview of the Immune System, Neuroendocrine System, and Aspects of the Environment 2. The Immune System: An Overview 3. Neuroendocrine Control, Stress, and Immunity Part II: The Aging Lymphocyte, Stress, and Immunity 4. Behavior, Stress, and Lymphocyte Recirculation 5. Effects of Acute and Chronic Stress upon Lymphocyte Blastogenesis in Mice and Humans: "Of Mice and Men" 6. Stress-Induced Suppression of Lymphocyte Function in Rats 7. Lymphocyte Transformation Induced by Autologous Cells XVI: Effect of Steroids on the Human AMLR Part III: Hormones, Aging, and the Immune Response 8. Hormonal Regulation of the Immune Response 9. Alterations in Immune Function with Age, Sex Hormones, and Stress 10. Interaction between Thymic Hormones and Other Endocrine Products 11. Immune and Endocrine Factors in Autoimmune Disease Part IV: Immunomodulation Immunorestoration, Stress, and Disease 12. Neuroimmunomodulation of Reactions to Viral or Pseudoviral Antigens 13. Activation of Neuroendocrine Pathways by Thymosin Peptides 14. Cyclic Nucleotides in Neurohumoral and Hormonal Regulation of Cells of the Immune System 15. Enkephalins: Stress and Immunity 16. Restoration of Immune Responses in Aging Animal Models Part V: Perspectives on Immunity, Aging, and Disease 17. Aging and Immunity 18. The Prospects for Immunorestoration in the Treatment of Immuno-Deficiency Arising from Aging or Stress


    E.L. Cooper