1st Edition

Stress, Wellness, and Performance Optimization Promoting Sustainable Performance in the Workplace

Edited By Nilesh Thakre, B. Udaya Kumar Reddy Copyright 2024
    282 Pages 8 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    282 Pages 8 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    This volume examines the intertwined concepts of stress, performance, and wellness and offers insight and strategies for providing support to individuals and organizations for effective performance optimization. The book considers new constructs in the area of organizational stress and provides a comprehensive review of wellness as well as performance aspects, offering unique perspectives and empirical findings.

    The book first discusses organizational constraints and summarizes the many factors within workplaces that negate effective job performance (disruptions, lack of supplies, equipment, or training, etc.). It discusses well-being interventions, giving practical examples that combine theory and practice. The moderating effect of situation-specific support is considered as is the role of family and spirituality in creating resilience in leadership and organizations in different cultural contexts. New technology, such as wearable devices and computer-based software applications, are considered, highlighting their potential to provide employers with guidance as to how they can enable their employees to self-manage their wellness and productivity.

    Other topics include anxiety habit loops —how they are formed, their debilitating impact, and various strategies that can break these dysfunctional habit loops and replace them with more functional and constructive habits, better leading to reduced anxiety, stronger mental well-being and resilience; measuring work-life balance and life satisfaction; the effects of perceived organizational justice and generational cohort on burnout and self-efficacy and the association between burnout and self-efficacy; and more.

    1. Organizational Constraints as a Source of Work Stress: A Multifaceted Perspective

    Nathan A. Bowling

    2. Managing Wellbeing at Work: Multi-Level Interventions to Promote Productive and Healthy Workplaces

    Vince Pelzer, Karina Nielsen, Josefina Peláez Zuberbühler, Beate Muschalla, Rudolf Kubík, Elena Heber, and Marco De Angelis

    3. Alleviating Stress Among Indian Higher Education Faculty: Moderating Effect of Support for Online Teaching

    Chitra Dey and M. P Ganesh

    4. Meaning-Making and Mental Health in Leadership and Organization through Family and Spiritual Resilience

    Claude-Hélène Mayer

    5. A Framework for Managing Employee Wellness with Wearables, Big Data, and Analytics

    G. Freedman and C. Harris

    6. Illegitimate Absence of Tasks: A New Concept of Offense to the Self

    Marcus J. Fila, Aaron Franzen, and Norbert K. Semmer

    7. Mental Health, the Pandemic, and a New Path Forward for Employee Wellbeing and Organizational Success

    Ian Shakespeare and B. Udaya Kumar Reddy

    8. Work-Life Balance and Life Satisfaction among Indian Employees in the Retail and Information Technology Sectors

    Nilesh Thakre and Pooja Sharma

    9. Understanding Concept of Health and Wellbeing: Baiga‘s Way of Life

    Ranju Hasini Sahoo

    10. Perceived Organizational Justice, Generational Cohort, Burnout, and Self-Efficacy among Indian Employees

    Nilesh Thakre and Diksha Joshi


    Nilesh Thakre, PhD, is a Professor and Head of the Psychology Department at SNDT Women’s University, India, and an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist. With over 22 years of corporate, academics, research and consulting experience, he has authored books, book chapters, and articles and has edited books on management and psychology. He has delivered invited lectures at many national and international conferences. Dr. Thakre’s credentials include a PhD  in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, MAs in Clinical Psychology and Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, among other qualifications. 

    B. Udaya Kumar Reddy, PhD, is the Director (Training and Consultancy) at Stress Management Lab Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India. He has over two decades of experience in the areas of stress training, research, consultancy, and counseling. He previously worked as Professor at the Dr. MCR HRD Institute, India, as well as a Stress Management Consultant (Hon.) at hte Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at Mediciti and Care Hospital, India. An author and a presenter, Dr. Reddy founded the Indian Chapter of the International Stress Management Association. His PhD is in the area of Stress Management.


    “A refreshing perspective on the familiar themes of stress, wellness, and performance. . . . The editors have brought together a team of globally accomplished authors to craft a practical and insightful read. . . .  The chapters present a global perspective on strategies and interventions, offering valuable guidance for managing stress, enhancing performance, and nurturing well-being at an organizational level. Whether you're an academician seeking knowledge, an HR professional shaping the future workforce, a manager striving for excellence, a researcher delving into the complexities, or a student eager to learn, this book is a valuable resource. Within its pages, you'll discover practical insights from various viewpoints that can enrich your research endeavors, training initiatives, and day-to-day practices. I'm pleased to recommend this book to anyone interested in the realms of industrial and organizational psychology, human behavior, and human resource management.”
    —Tikendra Pratap Deo, PhD, Chief Human Resource Officer, Insights and Data Global Business Line, DCX, Capgemini, Georgia, USA