374 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Published in 1985, Stress and Coping is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychology PP

    I: Psychophysiological Aspects; 1: Stress is a Noun! No, a Verb! No, an Adjective!; 2: Biobehavioral Responses To Stressors; 3: Arousal, Sleep and Stress; 4: Neurochemical Mechanisms Underlying Stress-Induced Depression; 5: Behavioral Stress and Experimental Hypertension; 6: Effects of Stress on the Immune Response; II: Developmental Aspects; 7: The Use and Abuse of Cortisol as a Measure of Stress; 8: Prenatal Activity Stress and Fetal in Humans; 9: The Psychobiology of Stress and Coping in the Human Neonate; 10: Coping with Separation Stress by Infants and Young Children; III: Psychosocial Aspects; 11: Beyond Global Type A; 12: Coping and Anger; 13: Stress and Depression In Adults; 14: Multisystems Holistic Model of Health, Stress and Coping; 15: Self-Consciousness, Expectancies, and the Coping Process


    N. Schneiderman, T. Field, P. M. McCabe, Tiffany M. Field