1st Edition

Structural Adjustment Theory, Practice and Impacts

    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) are an important feature of contemporary development, yet they are often evaluated in the terms set out by lenders themselves, ignoring the wider implications of SAPs.
    Structural Adjustment attempts to situate SAPs in a wider development context featuring case material from the UK, USA, Ghana, Mexico, India, Jamaica, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Mali, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone, the book addresses SAPs in the lenders' terms, before addressing macro-economic issues, the impacts on social groups, and the impact upon welfare policies such as education and health. Beyond economic analysis, the role of the state in the process, the impact of these programmes on services and the environment are also analysed.

    Preface and Prospectus Section 1: Histories and Theories of Adjustment Introduction 1. The Long Road to Structural Adjustment Alfred B. Zack-Williams with Ed Brown and Giles Mohan 2.What is Structural Adjustment? Bob Milward Section 2: Adjustment in Practice Introduction 3. The Macroeconomic Impact of Structural Adjustment Lending Bob Milward 4. Social Consequences of Structural Adjustment Alfred Zack-Williams 5. Contested Sovereignty and Democratic Contradictions: The Political Impacts of Adjustment Giles Mohan 6. The Environmental Aspects of Adjustment? Giles Mohan Section 3: Alternatives to Adjustment Introduction 7. Tinkering with the System: Adjusting Adjustment Ed Brown 8.The Search for More Radical Alternatives Ed Brown 9. Social Movements, the State and Civil Society Ed Brown Bibliography


    Brown, Ed; Milward, Bob; Mohan, Giles; Zack-Williams, Alfred B.