1st Edition

Structural Dynamic Systems Computational Techniques and Optimization Dynamic Analysis and Control Techniques

Edited By Cornelius T. Leondes Copyright 1999
    274 Pages
    by CRC Press

    There are various techniques to optimize either structural parameters, or structural controllers, but there are not many techniques that can simultaneously optimize the structural parameters and controller. The advantage of integrating the structural and controller optimization problems is that structure and controller interaction is taken into account in the design process and a more efficient overall design (lower control force/lighter weight) can be achieved, and also multidisciplinary design optimization can be performed. The down side is that the combined optimization problem is more difficult to formulate and solve, and computations are increased. This volume is a comprehensive treatment of dynamic analysis and control techniques in structural dynamic systems and the wide variety of issues and techniques that fall within this broad area, including the interactions between structural control systems and structural system parameters.

    1. Techniques in Control-Oriented Reduction of Finite Element Modeling in Structural Dynamic Systems 2.
    Techniques in Active Dynamic Structural Control to Optimize Structural Controllers and Structural Parameters 3.
    Nonlinear Modal Control Techniques and Applications in Structural Dynamic Systems 4. Superelement Modeling of Vehicle Dynamic Structural Systems 5. Robust Control Design of a High Performance Flexible Electro-Mechanical System 6. A Component Modes Damping Assignment Methodology for Articulated Multi-Flexible Body Systems


    Cornelius T. Leondes