1st Edition

Structural Dynamic Systems Computational Techniques and Optimization Nonlinear Techniques

Edited By Cornelius T. Leondes Copyright 1999
    344 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Nonlinear structural dynamic systems which are multi-degree of freedom systems involve, for instance, matrix dynamic equilibrium equations, which can be of various order up to very high order. In these equations, the nonlinear quantities can be dependent on time and other terms, such as scalar variables, which are dependent on time. Frequency response and response time derivatives would also, of course, be involved. Nonlinear terms can account for dissipative phenomena and can be due to other physical phenomena. In fact, many engineering structures involve time-dependent properties such as, stiffness elements of specific structural components which can change according to the stress level. Other examples of dynamic elements of nonlinear structural systems can include system mass and damping distribution elements which evolve with time, such as railway or highway bridges and other structures, which interact with external agencies generating the system motion (for example, trains, a queue of vehicles, or other external agencies.) This volume is a rather comprehensive treatment of many of the techniques and methods which are utilized for the analysis of nonlinear structural dynamic systems.

    1. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis in the Frequency Domain of Structural Systems 2. Nonlinear Inelastic Dynamic Analysis of Beams and Beam-Columns 3. Techniques in Fourier Continuum Finite Elements for Large Deformation Structural Dynamics 4. Techniques in the Dynamic Analysis of Structures with Unilateral Constraints 5.Model Reduction Methodologies for Articulated Multi-flexible Body Systems 6. Dynamic Effects of Degenerate Singularities in the Potential Energy for Mechanical Systems


    Cornelius T. Leondes