1st Edition

Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference of Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management (ICSHMIM 2014), Nanjing, China, 24-26 September 2014

Edited By Keqin Ding, Shenfang Yuan, Zhishen Wu Copyright 2015

    Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management is a collection of the papers presented at the 2nd International Conference of Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management (ICSHMIM2014, Nanjing, China, 24-26 September 2014), and addresses the most recent developments in the field of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and integrity management from around the world.

    It is also generally acknowledged that a clear advantage of SHM-technology over traditional NDT methods is the closer interaction and automation of sensing, diagnostics, prognostics and condition-based maintenance that SHM enables. As SHM is a system-level approach which integrates sensors/actuators networks with structures, software to interpret sensor signals, and hardware to process and manage the signals, its maturity based on the complexity and targeted solutions can be classified into four different sequential levels: detection, identification, quantification, and decision. Detection is the lowest maturity level that the technology can achieve. Once detection is confirmed with a highdegree of confidence, identification of the occurrence of the event in time and space domain is critical, which then can potentially lead to the quantification of the event. A more accurate quantification may lead to a better decision, which provides a much more efficient management solution for the structures than traditional inspection techniques, leading to a system platform for autonomous or intelligent structures.

    Structural Health Monitoring and Integrity Management will be invaluable to academics and professionals interested in applications encompassing traditional aerospace structures and civil infrastructures, in special equipment and marine/offshore structures, as well as in a variety of other structures and platforms. 

    Organizing committee

    Session 1: Advanced sensing technology

    The influence mechanism research of temperature on piezoresistive MEMS pressure sensor
    B. Jiang, X.L. Qi & B.F. Ren

    Research of the online monitoring in the cable trench based on wireless temperature and humidity sensor network
    X. Chen, Q. Peng, W. Song, L. Zou, Y. Li, D. Wang & C. Li

    Study on integrated sensor for metal structure fatigue monitoring
    R.H. Cui, Y.T. He, B. Jing & B. Hou

    Providing multiradio wireless sensor network with high-throughput and long-distance transmitting ability
    S. Gao, S. Yuan, L. Qiu & B. Ling

    Sensors for high-temperature displacement, deformation, and strain measurement: A review
    J. Jia, X. Zhang, L. Cai, S. Zhang, Y. Tu & S.T. Tu

    Research on form-finding methods for conductors with consideration for the lowest point in transmission lines
    Y. Jin, C.S. Liu & Y.Y. Xie

    Study on the sensing of reinforced concrete beams with a new type of long-gauge strain sensor
    Z. Li, C. Yang, Y. Jiao & Z. Wu

    A real-time monitoring and noncontacting measurement technology for dynamic deformation of a liquid sloshing surface
    Z.W. Liu, S.L. Liu, Y. Yang & W.X. Shi

    A solid anemometer for monitoring tower cranes
    C. Liu, L. Du, Z. Zhao, C. Liu & L. Li

    Development of an active wireless sensor node for fatigue crack detection using nonlinear wave modulation
    P. Liu, H.J. Lim, S. Yang, H. Sohn, H.C. Park, Y. Yi & D.S. Ha

    Research of the wireless high frequency sensor network on the partial discharge on-line monitoring in the switchgear
    Q. Peng, L. Zhu, K. Tong, Y. Li, D. Wang, H. Wang, S. Zhang & C. Li

    Binocular stereo vision measurement system based on sopc
    J. Tian, G. Wang, J. Li, F. Gao & Z. Qiao

    Forklift turning and braking stability analysis
    X. Wang, Y. Liu, G. Huang & Q. Peng

    Intensity-modulated anemometer based on optical fiber taper incorporated with fiber Bragg grating
    X. Wang, X. Dong & Y. Zheng

    Array displacement measurement system based on MEMS technology and its application in geotechnical engineering monitoring
    Y.C. Wei, B. Shi & K. Zhu

    Study on the Fiber Bragg Grating strain sensor long-term sealing protection technology in marine environment
    P. Wei, Y. Yue, T. Zhang, Q. Zeng & Y. Zhang

    A new method and system for automatically measuring subgrade layered settlement and lateral displacement
    J. Yang, Q.B. Feng & Z. Gao

    The development of rfid tag antenna-based sensor for crack determination
    J. Zhang & G. Y. Tian

    Application of the Fiber Optic Gyroscope technology in geotechnical engineering monitoring
    K. Zhu, B. Shi & Y.C. Wei

    Session 2: Novel signal processing

    A frequency-wavenumber domain analysis for Lamb wave crack detection
    Y.K. An

    An impact imaging method for composite structures based on virtual time reversal
    J. Cai, X.L. Qing, M.Y. Lu, L.M. Gao & S.F. Yuan

    Detection of damage in beams using artificial neural networks
    Z.C. Ding, L.X. Pan, Y.J. Ding, H.L. Jia & D. Novák

    Sparsity-enabled denoising method based on tunable Q-factor wavelet transform for bearing fault diagnosis
    B. Ding, C. Tong, W. Xin, S. Wang, X. Chen, W. Xu & Z. Chen

    2D curvature mode shape for damage detection
    Y. Han, M.S. Cao, W. Xu & D. Novák

    Analysis of the meter reading success ratio of low-voltage power carrier with gross error elimination method
    W. Hu, M. Cao, B. Li, L. Liu, T. Xie, Y. Li & C. Li

    Research on the residual stress measurement in steel plate using critically refracted longitudinal ultrasonic wave based on the phase–frequency analysis method
    H. Huang, J. Chai, H. Yu, G. Mao, B. Zheng, B. Wang, Y. Shen & L. Zhou

    Compressive sensing method for damage detection in wireless structural health monitoring
    S. Ji, L. Li, L.P. Huang, J. Shen & Y.J. Sun

    An online error correction method based on odometer and MIMU 
    T. Lai, G. Wang, W. Zhu, F. Gao & Z. Qiao

    An algorithm for non-parametric identification of highly nonlinear structures with incomplete measurements
    Y. Lei, M.Y. He & L.J. Liu

    The fault mode identification of hydraulic pump based on mlse and Support Vector Machine optimized by ABC 
    J. Ma, H. Li & P. Ye

    Structural damage identification using multiple mode fusion curvature mode shape method
    G.G. Sha, M.S. Cao, W. Xu & D. Novák

    Power spectral density in seismic qualification of nuclear equipment
    Z. Sun

    Research on ultrasonic phased array signal processing based on compressed sensing
    Y. Sun, J. Jiang, Y. Zhang & S. Ji

    Crack diagnosis and monitoring method using linear-phased PZT sensor array
    Q. Wang & Z. Su

    Investigation of Helmholtz coils for edge structure using inductive thermography
    Y. Wang, B. Gao & G. Tian

    Research of excitation frequency selection in Barkhausen noise detection for rpv irradiation embrittlement
    H. Wang, J. Cui, M. Fan, L. Wu, X. Yang, W. Qian & X. Liu

    Research on a strain-based shape reconstruction method using the Fiber Bragg Grating sensors
    M.J. Yan, S.F. Yuan, L. Qiu & J.J. Zhang

    Signal acquisition of structure impact and its locating experiment based on piezoelectric sensor tags
    J. Yuan, Z.X. Chen, Z.X. Qiu & Y.F. Shen

    Session 3: Damage diagnosis

    Nonlinear ultrasonic detection of bonding interface gap defect
    Z. Bi, J. Chen & G. Wang

    Study on mechanical properties of the steel for large-size atmospheric storage tank after fire
    Z. Fang, H. Chen, Y. Wei & Z. Wang

    Nondestructive inspection of composite plates by using the A0 mode of Lamb waves
    R. Gorgin, Z. Wu, Y. Zheng & Y. Wang

    Study on fatigue crack monitoring of metallic aircraft structure based on attached eddy current sensor
    S. Jiao, L. Cheng, P. Li & X. Li

    Acoustic emission detection in the inspection of wrapped cylinders
    X. Ma, L. Yao, J. Zuo, K. Yue, X. Chen & J. Lu

    A baseline-free damage detection method based on active impact Lamb waves
    S. Shan, J. Qiu, C. Zhang & H. Ji

    A strain measurement and crack detection method based on microstrip patch antennas
    Y. Sun, H. Li, B.B. Li & M.B. Liu

    Structure crack monitoring based on long-gauge FBG sensor
    W. Zhang, F. Li, L. Huang, C. Bian, H. Xu & Y. Du

    Material effect in normal beam EMAT Non-Destructive Testing
    Y. Zheng, H. Zheng & S.J. Li

    Session 4: Prognosis of damage and health management

    Wear condition monitoring for diesel engine via online visual ferrograph
    W. Cao, G.N. Dong & Y.B. Xie

    Analysis of safety status and risk factors of supercritical power station boiler
    C. Che, G. Qian, X.Z. Chen & L.F. Qian

    Research on fatigue and damage prediction of crane in service
    L. Chen & K. Ding

    Study on parameter model for aircraft safety measurement
    Y.T. He, Q. Shao, R.H. Cui &W.J. Shu

    Sensor performance analysis for crane structural health monitoring system
    G. Huang, D. Wang, M. Chen & X. Wang

    The inspection for Shipbuilding Gantry Cranes’ managing system of safety monitoring
    J. Liu, G. Huang, D. Wang, M. Chen & X. Wang

    Study on aircraft structure strain-gage loads-monitoring method
    Y. Tian & Y. Xiao

    Identification of the piece-wise linear systems with experimental study
    L.F. Wang, W. Hua & Y. Lei

    Research on fault prediction of the electrical control system of crane in service
    L. Wang & K. Ding

    The comparison of two methods to assess the reliability of bridge structure based on the long-term health monitoring
    Z. Wang, Z. Liu, L. Tang, Y. Liu & T. He

    Fatigue life prediction analysis of crane structure on the basis of strain signal measure and MSC.Fatigue
    F. Wu, W. Yao & P. Hu

    Opportunities and challenges of aircraft SHM
    Y. Xiao & X. Sun

    Fuzzy cluster analysis on the health monitoring measurements of shield tunnels
    F. Zhou, W. Zhang & K. Sun

    Session 5: Smart structures, systems and applications

    Construction monitoring and control of Liangjiang Great Bridge
    H. Chen, B.L. Li & X.C. Fan

    Design of safety monitoring system for large recreation facilities based on ZigBee technology
    X. Chen, C. Tu & X. Li

    Multipoint bolts loosening detection system based on active rf
    S. Fu, J. Wu, L. Liu & X. Zhao

    Monitoring of brake performance in service of hoisting machinery
    J. Gong, K. Ding, L. Wang & C. Zhu

    Guide structure health monitoring system based on radio frequency identification device
    W. Jin, L. Liu, W. Jian & X. Zhao

    Application of equipment integrity management expert system based on predictive maintenance
    X. Li, G. Jia & W. Wang

    The monitoring research of optical fiber Bragg grating soil pressure sensor in the foundation of electric steel tower
    S. Liang, C. Duan, Z. Zhao, H. Wang, D. Wang, Q. Peng, X. Chen, Y. Li & C. Li

    Research on health monitoring decision-making method of in-service hoisting machinery
    G.S. Liu, K.Q. Ding, F.F. Kong, H.Z. Wei & A.Q. Shu

    Research and design of health monitoring system based on a highway bridge in the Yellow River
    X. Meng, S.L. Zhao, J.L. Fu, Y.C. Wang & Y. Li

    The online monitoring study of wireless sensor network in mountainous region transformer substation in the meteorological environment
    Q. Peng, L. Zou, S. Yang, Y. Li, D. Wang, H. Wang, D.G. Zhang & C. Li

    A tunnel convergence gauge with a PDA 
    Y. Song, R. Fan & B. Shu

    On the application of fiber Bragg grating strain piles for monitoring the slope of mountain substations
    H.L. Wang, L. Peng, Z.G. Zhao, Y.N. Li, C. Li, Q.J. Peng, S.B. Liang, X.F. Chen & D.D. Wang

    Design of tension control system based on multilayer winding wire rope-sheave wear test-bed
    H. Xu, D. Fang & D. Zhou

    Risk analysis method for mobile cranes and its application
    X.S. Zhou, P. Zhou & S.Y. Hu

    Session 6: Modeling and simulation

    Quayside container gantry crane metal structure dynamic test and analysis
    Z. Guo, B. Liu, X. Wang, K. Qi, A. Jiang & X. Deng

    The establishment of coupled stress-electricity model for phenomena of electromagnetic emission induced in fractured concrete
    J. Han, S. Huang, S. Wang, W. Zhao

    Static analysis for metal structure of derrick crane based on ansys 
    J. Hu, Y. Feng, J. Zhao, J. Xia & H. Jin

    Study of evaluation method of the function of magnetic flux leakage testing instrument for large atmosphere storage tanks
    X. Hu, G. Shen, C. Lu & D. Liu

    A research on the effect of the pressure vessels’ thickness to Acoustic Emission wave propagation characteristics
    X. Li, G.A. Yang, K. Xiang & Y. Zhang

    Buckling analysis of plastic pipe reinforced by cross-winding steel wire under torsion
    X. Li, L.Y. Xu, W.F. Li & J. Li

    Modeling and stress analysis of plastic pipe reinforced by cross-helically wound steel wires
    X. Li, W.F. Li, L.Y. Xu & X.J. He

    Numerical simulation on sealing properties of a reactor flange connection in S-Zorb unit
    X. Li, J. Li & X.J. He

    Research of parametric dynamic simulation system for gyro swing
    Z. Liang, J. Guo & N. Li

    On propagation characteristics of shock waves generated under hypervelocity impact
    M. Liu, Z. Su & S. Yuan

    A research on dynamic characteristics of gas pulsation in constant-section long pipe of reciprocating compressor auxiliary
    L. Ma, G.A. Yang, H. Zhou & Z. Wu

    Vibration and pulsation control mechanism analysis and simulation based on acoustic transmission characteristics
    Q.Y. Ma, G.A. Yang, L.Q. Ma & Y. Zhang

    Research on propagation of guided wave in high-speed rail axle and the damage detection
    J. Qiu, F. Li & L. Zhou

    Modeling and simulation of pipeline security monitoring system based on ring-structure Sagnac interferometer with 3×3 coupler
    L. Ruan, C.F. He & B. Wu

    Elastic waves in a bar with noncircle cross section
    N. Tang, B. Wu & C. He

    Numerical simulation study of stress–magnetism coupling for magnetic memory effect of the defect and weld line
    Q. Wan, L. Sun & H.P. Niu

    The research on propagation characteristics of Acoustic Emission wave trough metal plate structures
    L. Wang, L.L. Jia, Q.Y. Ma & G.A. Yang

    Structural strength and integrity assessment of a portal crane
    B. Xu, X. Tang, Z. Yu, W. Gong & Y. Jiang

    An accelerated life test simulation approach for the key component of feeder
    Z. Zhang, J. Qin & C. Di

    Lattice dome deformation and stress analysis for crude oil tanks under differential foundation settlement
    W. Zhao, J. Du. H. Jiang, Z. Fang, Z. Wang & Y. Wei

    Numerical studies on pipe local deformation detection based on ultrasonic guided wave technology
    W.W. Zhang, Q.M. Huang & C. Li

    Numerical simulation analysis of large crude oil storage tank on concrete foundation
    B. Zheng, L. Zhou, J. Cai & H. Huang

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    Keqin Ding, Shenfang Yuan, Zhishen Wu