1st Edition

Structure and Function in Agroecosystem Design and Management

Edited By Masae Shiyomi, Hiroshi Koizumi Copyright 2001

    Structure and Function in Agroecosystem Design and Management presents an advanced discussion of the need to design agricultural systems that 1) increase reliance on biological interactions in agroecosystems as a means of decreasing dependence on the use of large quantities of agrochemicals and the consumption of fossil fuel energy and 2) continue

    Introduction. BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS IN AGROECOSYSTEMS. Biodiversity in Agroecosystems and Bioindicators of Environmental Health. Species Diversity in Grasslands. Ecological Management of Crop-Weed Interactions. Utilization of Biological Interactions and Matter Cycling in Agriculture. Biological Interaction in Tropical Grassland Ecosystems. Agroecology of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Activity. Species Structure and Abundance of Invertebrate Natural Enemies in Sustainable Agroecosystems. Plant Disease and Plant Ecology. MATTER CYCLING IN AGROECOSYSTEMS. Carbon Cycling in Croplands. Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Temperate Zone Arable Lands. Impacts of Grazing on the Ecosystems. Environmental Fate of Pesticides. The Effect of Evolved Atmospheric CO2 on Grazed Grassland. EFFECTS OF ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES ON THE STRUCTURE OF AGROECOSYSTEMS. Impact of Grazing on Soil Properties in Steppe Ecosystems. Changing Soil Biological Health in Agroecosystems. Nitrogen Cycle and Agriculture. Under Free-Air CO2 Enrichment. Effects of Climactic Change in Finland on Growth and Yield Formation of Wheat and Meadow Fescue.