1st Edition

Structure and Organic Matter Storage in Agricultural Soils

ISBN 9780367448837
Published December 2, 2019 by CRC Press
496 Pages

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Book Description

Soils comprise the largest pool of terrestrial carbon and therefore are an important component of carbon storage in the biosphere-atmosphere system. Structure and Organic Matter Storage in Agricultural Soils explores the mechanisms and processes involved in the storage and sequestration of carbon in soils. Focusing on agricultural soils - from tropical to semi-arid types - this new book provides an in-depth look at structure, aggregation, and organic matter retention in world soils.
The first two sections of the book introduce readers to the basic issues and scientific concepts, including soil structure, underlying mechanisms and processes, and the importance of agroecosystems as carbon regulators. The third section provides detailed discussions of soil aggregation and organic matter storage under various climates, soil types, and soil management practices. The fourth section addresses current strategies for enhancing organic matter storage in soil, modelling techniques, and measurement methods.
Throughout the book, the importance of the soil structure-organic matter storage relationship is emphasized. Anyone involved in soil science, agriculture, agronomy, plant science, or greenhouse gas and global change studies should understand this relationship. Structure and Organic Matter Storage in Agricultural Soils provides an ideal source of information not only on the soil structure-storage relationship itself, but also on key research efforts and direct applications related to the storage of organic matter in agricultural soils.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Analysis of Soil Organic Matter Storage in Agroecosystems Mechanisms and Processes 3. Soil Architecture and Distribution of Organic Matter 4. Formation of Soil Aggregates and Accumulation of Soil Organic Matter 5. Carbon in Primary and Secondary Organomineral Complexes 6. Storage of Soil Carbon in the Light Fraction and Macroorganic Matter Impact of Climate, Soil Type, and Management 7. Aggregation and Organic Matter Storage in Cool, Humid Agricultural Soils 8. Aggregation and Organic Matter Storage in Meso-Thermal, Humid Soils 9. Aggregation and Organic Matter Storage in Sub-Humid and Semi-Arid Soils 10. Aggregation and Organic Matter Storage in Kaolinitic and Smectitic Tropical Soils 11. Organic Carbon Storage in Tropical Hydromorphic Soils Assessment of Soil Organic Matter Storage 12. Conservation Strategies for Improving Soil Quality and Organic Matter Storage 13. Models to Evaluate Soil Organic Matter Storage and Dynamics 14. Methods to Characterize and Quantify Organic Matter Storage in Soil Fractions and Aggregates

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Carter, M.R.; Stewart, B.A.