1st Edition

Strung Out on Archaeology An Introduction to Archaeological Research

By Laurie A Wilkie Copyright 2014

    Teaching the basic principles of archaeology through an “excavation” and analysis of New Orleans Mardi Gras parades and the beads thrown there? A student’s dream book! Award-winning historical archaeologist Laurie Wilkie takes her two loves and merges them into a brief, lively introductory textbook that is sure to actively engage students. She shows how her analysis of trinkets tossed from parade floats can illustrate major themes taught in introductory archaeology classes—from methods to economy, social identity to political power—introduced in a concrete, entertaining way. The strength of Wilkie’s book is in showing how different theoretical models used by archaeologists lead to different research questions and different answers. The textbook covers all the major themes expected of brief introductory texts but is one that students will want to read.

    1: The Parade, 2009; 2: Understanding Archaeology and the Throwing Game; 3: A Culture Historian's Approach to Carnival: Classifying Mardi Gras Beads; 4: Putting the Science in Archaeology's Social Science; 5: Mardi Gras as Lived, Social, and Experiential; 6: Technology and Social Change; 7: Mardi Gras Gifts and Bead Exchange; 8: Social Identity; 9: Gender and Sexuality in the Throwing Game; 10: Establishing Power and Prestige through Beads; 11: Rebuilding, Reinventing, Revitalization, and Bead Bleed; 12: Did You Catch the Method and Theory?; Post-Script 2013: Never Can Say Goodbye . . . to Archaeological Research


    Laurie A Wilkie