1st Edition

Student Protest
The Sixties and After

ISBN 9780582356184
Published October 26, 1998 by Routledge
308 Pages

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Book Description

This topical new study takes a new look at the causes, course and consequences of student activism across the world since its heyday in the 1960s. It starts with analyses of some of the most familiar - and romanticised - Sixties protests themselves, in the US, France, Germany, Mexico and Great Britain. It then goes on to examine more recent, and hazardous, examples of student activism, particularly in China, Korea and Iran. Throughout, the tone is hard-headed and analytical, rather than celebratory, exploring the similarities and differences across these protests and asking what they achieved.

The contributors to the volume are: Ingo Cornils; Gerard J. DeGroot; Sylvia Ellis; Sandra Hollin Flowers;
Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi; Bertram M. Gordon; J. Angus Johnston; Alan R. Kluver; Donald J. Mabry; Gunter Minnerup; A.D. Moses; Frank Pieke; Julie Reuben; Barbara Tischler; Nella Van Dyke; Clare White; James L. Wood; Eric Zolov.

Table of Contents

Part One Introduction
1. The Culture of Protest: An Introductory Essay
2. Student Activism in the United States before 1960: An Overview
3. The Location of Student Protest: Patterns of Activism at American Universities in the 1960s
Part Two : The International Student Movement of the 1960s
4. The Eyes of the Marcher: Paris, May 1968 - Theory and its Consequences
5. `A Demonstration of British Good Sense?' British Student Protest during the Vietnam War
6. Protest and Counterculture in the 1968 Student Movement in Mexico
7. `Left, left, Left!': The Vietnam Day Committee 1965-66
8. `The Struggle Continues': Rudi Dutschke's Long March
Part Three: Reaction
9. Two Responses to Student Protest: Ronald Reagan and Robert Kennedy
10. The Mexican Government and Student Conflict: An Essay
11. The State and the Student Movement in West Germany 1967-77
Part Four: Reverberations
12. Reforming the University: Student Protests and the Demand for a `Relevant' Curriculum
13. Coming of Age Under Protest: African American College Students in the 1960s
14.The Refiner's Fire: Anti-War Activism and Emerging Feminism in the Late 1960s
15. Germany 1968 and 1989: The Marginalised Intelligentsia Against the Cold War
Part Five: the Ongoing Battle
16. Student Movements in Confucian Societies: Remembrance and Remonstration in South Korea
17. Between the Shah and the Imam: The Students of the Left in Iran 1977-81
18. The 1989 Chinese People's Movement in Beijing
19. `With a Little Help from Our Friends': Student Activism and the 1992 Crisis at San Diego State University
Notes on the Contributors

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