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    Originally published between 1969 and 1976 these 11 volumes covering Botswana, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Tanzania combine historical approach with political analysis in an area of the world and at a time when events were constantly evolving. Reliable official sources of information were often unavailable to the authors, many of whom had spent considerable time in the countries they were writing about. Whether discussing the role of the military in newly independent countries, history, language or geography, what comes through clearly in this collection is the sense of nation building and national identity across Africa at a momentous point in the continent’s history.

    The books in this set:

    • Trace the remarkable expansion of Swahili
    • Analyse the aims and structure of the Organization of African Unity (OAU)
    • provides a synthesis of Yoruba and Igbomina history, culture and archaeology
    • Combine detailed technical studies of the diplomacy of the land and waterborne warfare of pre-colonial West Africa.
    • Assess Botswana’s relations with other African states, particularly South Africa.
    • Describe the transformation of despised colonial defence force into a Nigerian army with a popularly recognized reputation.

    1. Ladipo Adamolekun Sékou Touré's Guinea 978-1-032-61217-1

    2. W. F. Gutteridge The Military in African Politics 978-1-032-61269-0

    3. W. F. Gutteridge Military Regimes in Africa 978-1-032-61281-2

    4. N. J. Miners The Nigerian Army 1956-1966 978-1-032-61841-8

    5. R. Pinkney Ghana Under Military Rule 978-1-032-61304-8

    6. Anthony Sillery Botswana: 978-1-032-61683-4

    7. Trevor Jones Ghana's First Republic 978-1-032-62230-9

    8. Robert Smith Kingdoms of the Yoruba 978-1-032-61704-6

    9. Robert Smith Warfare and diplomacy in pre-colonial West Africa 978-1-032-61711-4

    10. Wilfred Whiteley Swahili 978-1-032-61883-8

    11. Michael Wolfers Politics in the Organization of Africa 978-1-032-61787-9


    Ladipo Adamolekun, W. F. Gutteridge, N. J. Miners, R. Pinkney, Anthony Sillery, Trevor Jones, Robert Smith, Wilfred Whiteley and Michael Wolfers.