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Studies in Air Power

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This series examines both historical and contemporary aspects of air power, focusing on human issues as well as the technical developments.

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Tedder Quietly in Command

Tedder: Quietly in Command

1st Edition

By Vincent Orange
June 18, 2004

Arthur Tedder became one of the most eminent figures of the Second World War: first as head of Anglo-American air forces in the Middle East, the Mediterranean and North Africa; then as Deputy Supreme Commander to General Eisenhower for the Allied campaign that began in Normandy and ended in Berlin....

Airwar Essays on its Theory and Practice

Airwar: Essays on its Theory and Practice

1st Edition

By Phillip S. Meilinger
April 29, 2003

According to the author all aircrews, tacticians and those who direct them have to realise the limitations of air power during conflicts. For years opinion has differed as to whether the aircraft has altered war strategies or merely the tactics of war. This volume explores the limits of airpower....

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