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Studies in Aviation Psychology and Human Factors: Studies in Aviation Psychology and Human Factors

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The defining theme of the series reflects increasingly critical issues, especially in aviation operations and training; each book has a focus on an operational topic. The series combines research reports, longer research reviews and training material, of interest to both the research and operational communities.

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Aerospace Clinical Psychology

Aerospace Clinical Psychology

1st Edition

By Raymond E. King
September 04, 2018

Flight training and flying are hazardous activities that demand the most of human operators, whether they be pilots or other factors (maintainers, air traffic controllers, managers, regulators) involved in the complex aviation system. 'Aerospace Clinical Psychology' serves as a handbook for ...

Aviation Education and Training Adult Learning Principles and Teaching Strategies

Aviation Education and Training: Adult Learning Principles and Teaching Strategies

1st Edition

Edited By Irene M.A. Henley
July 09, 2018

The aviation teaching environment is fairly unique and combines both traditional and non-traditional teaching environments. There are presently few books that address adult learning principles and teaching strategies relevant to the aviation context. Furthermore, aviation education has not ...

Attitude or Latitude? Australian Aviation Safety

Attitude or Latitude?: Australian Aviation Safety

1st Edition

By Graham R. Braithwaite
November 15, 2016

Australia has an enviable record for airline safety - No one has ever died in an accident involving a commercial jet aircraft in Australia. The reasons behind this have been the source of much speculation and theories tend to focus on issues related to the natural environment and even luck. ...

Facilitation and Debriefing in Aviation Training and Operations

Facilitation and Debriefing in Aviation Training and Operations

1st Edition

By R. Key Dismukes, Guy M. Smith
October 09, 2000

This practical guide is designed to enable individual pilots, training departments and airline managers to better understand and use the techniques of facilitation. Based on extensive field studies by the editors and invited contributors, it presents an easily accessible guide to the philosophy of...

Tapping Diverse Talent in Aviation Culture, Gender, and Diversity

Tapping Diverse Talent in Aviation: Culture, Gender, and Diversity

1st Edition

Edited By Mary Ann Turney
November 10, 2016

It has seldom been more critical for the aviation industry to evaluate the future employee talent pool. Projected skills shortages, new security concerns, and the cost of training have generated a pressing need for aviation training professionals to find and develop new and diverse talent - capable...

Aviation Social Science: Research Methods in Practice

Aviation Social Science: Research Methods in Practice

1st Edition

By Mark W. Wiggins, Catherine Stevens
December 02, 2016

This book is a guide that addressees social science research issues within the aviation industry. Studies involving human factors, personality, training systems evaluation, decision-making, crew resource management and situation awareness are used to illustrate not only the process, but also the ...

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