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Studies in Cash & Care: Studies in Cash & Care

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Cash benefits and care services together make a fundamental contribution to human welfare. This series, published in association with the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York, is designed to inform public debate about these policy areas and to make the details of important policy-related research more widely available.

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Getting the Measure of Poverty The Early Legacy of Seebohm Rowntree

Getting the Measure of Poverty: The Early Legacy of Seebohm Rowntree

1st Edition

By Jonathan Bradshaw, Roy Sainsbury
October 30, 2000

A collection of papers with an historical theme, representing a fundamental review of 'A Study of Town Life' and its impact on the study of poverty and on wider empirical research....

Poor Relief or Poor Deal? The Social Fund, Safety Nets and Social Security

Poor Relief or Poor Deal?: The Social Fund, Safety Nets and Social Security

1st Edition

Edited By Roger S. Smith, Trevor Buck
April 28, 2003

The social fund has been a controversial instrument of social policy in the UK since its introduction in 1988. This book brings together new research and debate on the role and effect of the social fund in relieving poverty, and introduces evidence from the wider European field to allow comparison...

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