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Studies in Citizenship, Human Rights and the Law

About the Series

The series Studies in Citizenship, Human Rights and Law encourages a pluralistic vision of citizenship. The aim is to promote inclusiveness and rights at the local and global levels while approaching citizenship from a socio-legal perspective. The series may include comparative approaches along with books that focus on single jurisdictions, and brings together research monographs and edited collections which allow the expression of different schools of thought. Grounded in law and legal theory, where relevant, the series also welcomes contributions that take an interdisciplinary approach to rights and citizenship.

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The Development of Child Protection Law and Policy Children, Risk and Modernities

The Development of Child Protection Law and Policy: Children, Risk and Modernities

1st Edition

By Kieran Walsh
April 16, 2020

This book examines how child protection law has been shaped by the transition to late modernity and how it copes with the ever-changing concept of risk. The book traces the evolution of the contemporary child protection system through historical changes, assessing the factors that have influenced ...

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