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Studies in Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding

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This series publishes innovative research into the connections between insecurity and under-development in fragile states, and into situations of violence and insecurity more generally. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach to the study of a variety of issues, including the changing nature of contemporary armed violence (conflict), efforts to foster the conditions that prevent the outbreak or recurrence of such violence (development), and strategies to promote peaceful relations on the communal, societal and international level (peacebuilding).

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New Paths and Policies towards Conflict Prevention Chinese and Swiss Perspectives

New Paths and Policies towards Conflict Prevention: Chinese and Swiss Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Courtney J. Fung, Björn Gehrmann, Rachel F. Madenyika, Jason G. Tower
April 27, 2021

This book explores the discourse on conflict prevention and peacebuilding by bringing together researchers from China and Switzerland over a series policy dialogues. The Charter of the United Nations, adopted in the immediate aftermath of World War II, is clear about the fundamental necessity for ...

Urban Safety and Peacebuilding New Perspectives on Sustaining Peace in the City

Urban Safety and Peacebuilding: New Perspectives on Sustaining Peace in the City

1st Edition

Edited By Achim Wennmann, Oliver Jütersonke
December 13, 2018

This volume draws together original research related to conceptual and practical advances at the interface of urban safety and peacebuilding. The book reflects the advances in urban safety and peacebuilding to help address the rapidly increasing risk of conflict and insecurity in cities. ...

Peacebuilding and Spatial Transformation Peace, Space and Place

Peacebuilding and Spatial Transformation: Peace, Space and Place

1st Edition

By Annika Bjorkdahl, Stefanie Kappler
October 18, 2018

This book investigates peacebuilding in post-conflict scenarios by analysing the link between peace, space and place. By focusing on the case studies of Cyprus, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland and South Africa, the book provides a spatial reading of agency in peacebuilding contexts. It...

Exploring Peace Formation Security and Justice in Post-Colonial States

Exploring Peace Formation: Security and Justice in Post-Colonial States

1st Edition

Edited By Kwesi Aning, M Anne Brown, Volker Boege, Charles T Hunt
April 11, 2018

This volume examines the dynamics of socio-political order in post-colonial states across the Pacific Islands region and West Africa in order to elaborate on the processes and practices of peace formation. Drawing on field research and engaging with post-liberal conceptualisations of peacebuilding,...

Institutional Reforms and Peacebuilding Change, Path-Dependency and Societal Divisions in Post-War Communities

Institutional Reforms and Peacebuilding: Change, Path-Dependency and Societal Divisions in Post-War Communities

1st Edition

Edited By Nadine Ansorg, Sabine Kurtenbach
September 16, 2016

This book deals with the question how institutional reform can contribute to peacebuilding in post-war and divided societies. In the context of armed conflict and widespread violence, two important questions shape political agendas inside and outside the affected societies: How can we stop the ...

An Ethnographic Approach to Peacebuilding Understanding Local Experiences in Transitional States

An Ethnographic Approach to Peacebuilding: Understanding Local Experiences in Transitional States

1st Edition

By Gearoid Millar
July 22, 2015

This book aims to outline and promote an ethnographic approach to evaluating international peacebuilding interventions in transitional states. While the evaluation of peacebuilding and transitional justice efforts has been a growing concern in recent years, too often evaluations assess projects ...

Local Ownership in International Peacebuilding Key Theoretical and Practical Issues

Local Ownership in International Peacebuilding: Key Theoretical and Practical Issues

1st Edition

Edited By Sung Yong Lee, Alpaslan Özerdem
April 21, 2015

This edited volume empirically examines key theoretical and practical issues relevant to the promotion of local ownership in contemporary international peacebuilding. This book attempts to provide comprehensive understanding of the issue of local ownership in international peacebuilding. By ...

Peacebuilding and Ex-Combatants Political Reintegration in Liberia

Peacebuilding and Ex-Combatants: Political Reintegration in Liberia

1st Edition

By Johanna Söderström
December 10, 2014

The book examines how ex-combatants in post-war and peacebuilding settings engage in politics, as seen in the case of Liberia. The political mobilization of former combatants after war is often perceived as a threat, ultimately undermining the security and stability of the state. This book ...

Controlling Small Arms Consolidation, innovation and relevance in research and policy

Controlling Small Arms: Consolidation, innovation and relevance in research and policy

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Batchelor, Kai Michael Kenkel
December 19, 2013

This edited volume takes stock of the state of research and policy on the issue of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), ten years after the UN first agreed to deal with the problem. The end of the Cold War originated a series of phenomena that would subsequently come to dominate the political ...

Peacebuilding and Local Ownership Post-Conflict Consensus-Building

Peacebuilding and Local Ownership: Post-Conflict Consensus-Building

1st Edition

By Timothy Donais
November 08, 2013

This book explores the meaning of local ownership in peacebuilding and examines the ways in which it has been, and could be, operationalized in post-conflict environments. In the context of post-conflict peacebuilding, the idea of local ownership is based upon the premise that no peace process is ...

Local and Global Dynamics of Peacebuilding Postconflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone

Local and Global Dynamics of Peacebuilding: Postconflict reconstruction in Sierra Leone

1st Edition

By Christine Cubitt
October 25, 2013

Local and Global Dynamics of Peacebuilding examines the complex contributing factors which led to war and state collapse in Sierra Leone, and the international peacebuilding and statebuilding operations which followed the cessation of the violence. This book presents nuanced and contextually ...

Stabilization Operations, Security and Development States of Fragility

Stabilization Operations, Security and Development: States of Fragility

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Muggah
July 19, 2013

This edited volume provides a critical overview of the new stabilization agenda in international relations. The primary focus of so-called stability operations since 9/11 has been Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Covering the wider picture, this volume provides a comprehensive assessment of the new...

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