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Studies in Consumption and Markets

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Consumption has become a major focus of research and scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. Increasingly perceived as central to any understanding of the modern world, the meaning of individual and collective consumption of goods is now a crucial issue at the heart of numerous contemporary debates on personal identity, the social and cultural structure of postmodern societies, and the historical development of modern industrial society. This new series will publish work on consumption related topics across a number of disciplines.

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Ordinary Consumption

Ordinary Consumption

1st Edition

Edited By Jukka Groncow, Alan Warde
October 23, 2013

The sociology of consumption has concentrated unduly on the more spectacular and visual aspects of contemporary consumer behaviour, thereby constructing an unbalanced and misleading view. This collection emphasises ordinary rather than extraordinary items, routine and repetitive behaviour rather ...

Food and Cultural Studies

Food and Cultural Studies

1st Edition

By Bob Ashley, Joanne Hollows, Steve Jones, Ben Taylor
June 28, 2004

What and how we eat are two of the most persistent choices we face in everyday life. Whatever we decide on though, and however mundane our decisions may seem, they will be inscribed with information both about ourselves and about our positions in the world around us. Yet, food has only recently ...

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