1st Edition

Studies in Discourse Analysis (RLE Linguistics B: Grammar)

Edited By Malcolm Coulthard, Martin Montgomery Copyright 1981
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    The book explores ways in which the formal methods of linguistics can cast light on the structure of verbal interaction, and in particular considers how successive utterances cohere together in continuous spoken discourse. Beginning with an earlier model of discourse analysis elaborated to deal with teacher-pupil interaction in the classroom, it then reviews attempts to extend this model to a variety of discourses such as committee talk, doctor-patient interviews, broadcast discussions and the monologue of lectures.

    The extension of the original model to other situations has prompted a number of innovations and additional insights which are expounded in a series of contributions linked by complimentary themes. There are contributions on the role of intonation and of kinetics in discourse analysis; explorations of the problems of the analytic category ‘sentence’ and of the problems raised by casual conversation; and there is extended discussion of the structural properties underlying exchanges of utterances.

    The book moves easily between data and theory, forming a unified whole. It sums up a continuing and lively debate within a common tradition of discourse analysis and may well serve as a programmatic statement for future work in the field.

    Transcription Conventions.  1. Developing a Description of Spoken Discourse  1.1. Originating a Description Malcolm Coulthard and Martin Montgomery  1.2. Developing the Description Malcolm Coulthard  1.3. The Structure of Monologue Malcolm Coulthard and Martin Montgomery  1.4. Intonation David Brazil  2. Sentences in Discourse Kay Richardson  3. Analysing Spoken Discourse Deirdre Burton  4. Exchange Structure Malcolm Coulthard and David Brazil  5. Motivating Analyses of Exchange Structure Michael Stubbs  6. Systemic Linguistics and Discourse Analysis: A Multi-Layered Approach to Exchange Structure Margaret Berry  7. The Place of Intonation in a Discourse Model David Brazil  8. Kinesics in Discourse John Gosling


    Coulthard, Malcolm; Montgomery, Martin