1st Edition

Studies in Economic and Social History Essays Presented to Professor Derek Aldcroft

By Michael Oliver Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002: There are few students of European economic history who will not have come across the writings of Derek H. Aldcroft. His contributions to the field of economic and social history are vast and distinguish him as one of the most prolific economic historians of the 20th century. This volume honours Derek's contribution to the literature of economic and social history and its contents reflect his wide-ranging interests, particularly on issues relating to transport history and the growth and structural change in economies. From transport in the Industrial Revolution to late 20th-century international financial architecture, the essays in this book, contributed by leading economic historians, are a tribute to a remarkable scholar.

    List of Figures and Tables, Notes on Contributors, Foreword, Derek Howard Aldcroft, 1. British Transport History: Shifting Perspectives and New Agendas, 2. Reflections on British Entrepreneurship, c. 1870-1914: Aldcroft Revisited, 3. Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century, 4. The Debt Constraint on British Economic Policy and Performance in the 1920s, 5. The Masses in the Feature Film: The USA and the UK, 1930-50, 6. British Economic Policy and Performance since 1950: An Early Twenty-first-century Assessment, 7. The Economics of Discouraging Irregular Immigration, 8. The International Financial Architecture in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, Publications by Derek H. Aldcroft,1961-2001, Index


    Oliver, Michael