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The Metaphysics of the Moral Law Kant's Deduction of Freedom

The Metaphysics of the Moral Law: Kant's Deduction of Freedom

1st Edition

By Carol W. Voeller
June 17, 2016

This work offers a new understanding of Kant on the freedom of the will. Voeller looks in detail at the Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals and the Critique of Practical Reason against the background of Kant's critical philosophy as a whole....

Friendship and Agent-Relative Morality

Friendship and Agent-Relative Morality

1st Edition

By Troy A. Jollimore
September 27, 2018

First Published in 2001. Morality is viewed as a demanding and unsympathetic taskmaster, and as an external, foreign, even alien force. The moral life, on such a view, is a labor not of love, but of duty. One of the guiding intuitions of this book is that this picture of morality is deeply and ...

The Bounds of Choice Unchosen Virtues, Unchosen Commitments

The Bounds of Choice: Unchosen Virtues, Unchosen Commitments

1st Edition

By Talbot Brewer
October 11, 2016

Presents a sustained and original challenge to the orthodox understanding of the relationship between morality and voluntary choice. The two main theses of the book are that we can be morally responsible for aspects of our character that we have not chosen or otherwise authored, and that we can ...

Consensualism in Principle On the Foundations of Non-Consequentialist Moral Reasoning

Consensualism in Principle: On the Foundations of Non-Consequentialist Moral Reasoning

1st Edition

By Rahul Kumar
May 13, 2016

This book presents and argues for a suitably articulated version of consensualism as a form of Kantian moral theory with an ability to powerfully illuminate the moral intuitions to which Kantian and utilitarian theories have traditionally appealed....

Learning and Coordination Inductive Deliberation, Equilibrium and Convention

Learning and Coordination: Inductive Deliberation, Equilibrium and Convention

1st Edition

By Peter Vanderschraaf
May 13, 2016

Vanderschraaf develops a new theory of game theory equilibrium selection in this book. The new theory defends general correlated equilibrium concepts and suggests a new analysis of convention....

Ethics and Epistemology in Sextus Empircus

Ethics and Epistemology in Sextus Empircus

1st Edition

By Tad Brennan
December 10, 1999

This book defends the consistency, plausibility, and interest of the brand of Ancient Skepticism described in the writings of Sextus Empiricus (c. 150 AD), both through detailed exegesis of the original texts, and through sustained engagement with an array of modern critics....

Making Comparisons Count

Making Comparisons Count

1st Edition

By Ruth Chang
November 24, 2015

This book attempts to answer two questions: Are alternatives for choice ever incomparable? and In what ways can items be compared? The arguments offered suggest that alternatives for choice no matter how different are never incomparable, and that the ways in which items can be compared are richer...

Moral Self-Regard Duties to Oneself in Kant's Moral Theory

Moral Self-Regard: Duties to Oneself in Kant's Moral Theory

1st Edition

By Lara Denis
May 21, 2015

Moral Self-Regard draws on the work of Marcia Baron, Joseph Butler and Allen Wood, among others in this first extensive study of the nature, foundation and significance of duties to oneself in Kant's moral theory....

The Idea of Humanity Anthropology and Anthroponomy in Kant's Ethics

The Idea of Humanity: Anthropology and Anthroponomy in Kant's Ethics

1st Edition

By David G. Sussman
August 31, 2001

Examining the significance of Kant's account of rational faith, this study argues that he profoundly revises his account of the human will and the moral philosophy of it in his later religious writings.First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

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