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Studies in European Education

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The European dimensions of education constitute a field of growing distinctiveness and importance, with a speed, scale and complexity, reflecting the rise of international and transnational policies, and flows of data and public and private experts around Europe.

The European Policy Space for Education describes the emergence of a dense web of relations, data and people. Its speed and scale has been transformed by the push for a competitive Europe through the Lisbon Process, and by using a common set of benchmarks and networks, to governing Europe education through comparison.

The Series intends to create a space for scholars of European education policies and politics, in education studies, political science, sociology and European integration studies, and to develop interpretive studies about new European institutions, and the interplay between policy-makers, stakeholders and experts. The Series encourages research on education and its links with mobility, migration, finance, standardization and norms, knowledge and governing, and new technologies and software.

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A European Politics of Education Perspectives from sociology, policy studies and politics

A European Politics of Education: Perspectives from sociology, policy studies and politics

1st Edition

Edited By Romuald Normand, Jean-Louis Derouet
June 28, 2016

A European Politics of Education proposes a sociology of education establishing connections between empirical data coming from European-scale comparative surveys, normative assumptions structuring actors’ representations and interpretative judgements, and a specific focus on Lifelong Learning ...

Governing by Inspection

Governing by Inspection

1st Edition

Edited By Sotiria Grek, Joakim Lindgren
September 18, 2014

In recent decades, governing practices in education have become highly contradictory: deregulation and decentralisation are accompanied by re-regulation and increased centralisation, contributing to considerable governing tensions in and across different national systems and within the emergent ...

Shaping of European Education Interdisciplinary approaches

Shaping of European Education: Interdisciplinary approaches

1st Edition

Edited By Martin Lawn, Romuald Normand
September 18, 2014

The range, speed and scale of Europeanizing effects in education, and their complexity, has produced a relatively new field of study. Using scholarship and research drawn from sociology, politics and education, this book examines the rise of international and transnational policy and the flow of ...

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