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Studies in Parenting Series

About the Series

Studies in Parenting provides a forum for extended and integrated treatments of fundamental contemporary topics in parenting. Each volume in this series addresses a different issue in parenting, yet the series as a whole endeavors to enhance and interrelate prominent concerns in parenting theory, research, and application.  Studies in Parenting advances our understanding of who parents; who it is that parents parent; the scope of parenting; determinants of parenting; and the nature, structure, and meaning of parenting.

Studies in Parenting appeal, individually or as a series, to scientists, professionals, and parents alike. Reflecting the nature and intent of this series, contributing authors are drawn from a broad spectrum of the behavioral, social, and biological sciences -- anthropology to zoology -- with representational emphasis placed on active contributing authorities to the contemporary literature in parenting.

Individual titles in Studies in Parenting may be authored or edited. Titles are approximately 90,000 words in length.

Forthcoming Titles:

  • Maternal Teaching Strategies by Marc H. Bornstein
  • Parenting and Contemporary Childcare: Implications for Parent-Child Relationships, Child Development, and Families by Marc H. Bornstein
  • Parental Gatekeeping and Parent-Child Relationships by Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan
  • Asian Parenting Edited by Xinyin Chen
  • Global Perspectives on Parental Acceptance & Rejection: An Introduction to IPARTheory Edited by Ronald P. Rohner & Sumbleen Ali

For information or to submit a proposal contact:

Dr. Marc H. Bornstein [email protected]

Molly Selby, Editor, [email protected]

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Parenting and Child Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Parenting and Child Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

1st Edition

By Marc H. Bornstein, W. Andrew Rothenberg, Andrea Bizzego, Robert H. Bradley, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Gianluca Esposito, Jennifer E. Lansford, Diane L. Putnick, Susannah Zietz
September 09, 2022

This compelling volume advances the understanding of what parenting and related sociodemographic, demographic, and environmental variables look like and how they are associated with child development in low- and middle-income countries around the world.Specifically, expert authors document how ...

Parenting, Infancy, Culture Specificity and Commonality in Argentina, Belgium, Israel, Italy, and the United States

Parenting, Infancy, Culture: Specificity and Commonality in Argentina, Belgium, Israel, Italy, and the United States

1st Edition

Edited By Marc H. Bornstein
February 09, 2022

This vital volume advances an in-depth understanding of how parenting infants in the first year of life is similar and different in two contrasting contexts in each of five countries—Argentina, Belgium, Israel, Italy, and the United States—providing a global understanding of parenting across ...

Parenting Across Cultures from Childhood to Adolescence Development in Nine Countries

Parenting Across Cultures from Childhood to Adolescence: Development in Nine Countries

1st Edition

Edited By Jennifer E. Lansford, W. Andrew Rothenberg, Marc H. Bornstein
February 25, 2021

This vital volume advances understanding of how parenting from childhood to adolescence changes or remains the same in a variety of sociodemographic, psychological, and cultural contexts, providing a truly global understanding of parenting across cultures. Through the Parenting Across Cultures...

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