1st Edition

Studies in Perception and Action IX Fourteenth International Conference on Perception and Action

    352 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    by Psychology Press

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    The edited book series Studies in Perception and Action contains a collection of research presented at the International Conference on Perception and Action (ICPA). The Studies series has appeared in conjunction with the biennial ICPA since 1991. ICPA provides a forum for presenting new data, theory, and methodological developments relevant to the ecological approach to perceptionaction. This volume is the 9th in the Studies in Perception and Action series, and it contains research presented at the 14th ICPA meeting in the summer of 2007.

    The sixty papers presented in this volume represent the latest developments in ecological psychology research from four continents. In many instances, the contributions to Studies volumes reflect the first appearance of new ideas in a scientific venue. As a result, the Studies volumes contain the most recent and cutting edge research in perception and action. This volume will appeal to individuals who follow the research literature in ecological psychology, as well as those interested in perception, perceptual development, human movement dynamics, and social processes.

    Preface. Part 1. Affordances. B. Bril, J. Foucart, Enacting the Perception of the Affordances of Potential Tools I: The Case of Children Hammering. S. Cornus, G. Walther, T. Rupp, L. Rasseneur, Perceiving the Obstacle Step-Acrossability After the Maximal Exercise Test. J. Foucart, S. Hirata, K. Fuwa, B. Bril, Enacting the Perception of the Affordances of Potential Tools II: The Case of Chimpanzees Nut-Cracking. V.C. Ramenzoni, M. Riley, T. Davis, J. Snyder, Perceiving Whether or Not Another Person Can Use a Step to Reach an Object. G-J. Pepping, J. Smith, Posting Balls Through Holes: Effect of Hole-Size and Background Texture on Action Initiation Time and the Perception of Affordances. S. Stasik, L.S. Mark, Comfort as a Determinant of the Location of Critical Boundaries in the Act of Reaching. K.R. Taylor, J.B. Wagman, Feeling and Seeing to Avoid Tripping. C-M. Yang, T.A. Stoffregen, B.G. Bardy, Postural Sway Supports Affordance Perception. Part 2. Interpersonal Perception and Dynamics. L.E. Bahrick, M. Vaillant-Molina, M.A. Shuman, L.C. Batista, L.C. Newell, I. Castellanos, T.S. Williams, The Salience of Actions Over Faces for Young Infants. A.A. Baker, K. Shockley, M.J. Richardson, C.A. Fowler, Verbal Constraints on Interpersonal Coordination. N. Furuyama, K. Hayashi, H. Mishima, Interpersonal Coordination Among Articulations, Gesticulations, and Breathing Movements: A Case of Articulation of /a/ and Flexion of the Wrist. J.R.L. Goodman, R.W. Isenhower, K.L. Marsh, R.C. Schmidt, M.J. Richardson, The Interpersonal Phase Entrainment of Rocking Chair Movements. R.W. Isenhower, K.L. Marsh, C. Carello, R.M. Baron, M.J. Richardson, The Specificity of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Affordance Boundaries: Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Metrics. S.S. Valenti, M. Anderson, K. Chin, J. Schwartz, Coordination of Self-Disclosure and Gossip in Adolescent Conversations. Part 3. Control of Locomotion. H. Bruggeman, W.H. Warren, Integrating Target Interception & Obstacle Avoidance. H. Doi, K. Ueda, Estimating TTC (Time-to-Collision) of Non-Rigid Approaching Objects. B.R. Fajen, The Role of Calibration in Visually-Guided Braking. K. Ito, T. Matsuishi, A. Ito, Y. Kojima, A. Miyashita, M. Aoyama, Velocity Control of a Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena): A Case Study. E.E. Kadar, P. Fisher, G.S. Virk, Basic Strategies of Target Search by Smell. Part 4. Dynamic Touch. J. Akita, K. Ito, T. Komatsu, T. Ono, M. Okamoto, CyARM: Direct Perception Device by Dynamic Touch. C. Carello, J. Kinsella-Shaw, E. Amazeen, Peripheral Neuropathy and Length Perception by Dynamic Touch. T-c. Chan, Haptic Perception of Rod Length in Force Pattern. S.E. Cummins-Sebree, A.M. Tollner, K. Shockley, Do Children and Adults Use Haptic Information When Selecting Tools for Simple Power and Precision Tasks? S.J. Harrison, S. Lopresti-Goodman, R.W. Isenhower, A. Hajnal, J. Kinsella-Shaw, Perceived Heaviness With Variation in Rotational Inertia or Static Moment. C.C. Pagano, The Orientation of T-Shaped Objects Cannot Be Perceived by Dynamic Touch. W.L.B. Sachtler, P.M. Grove, T.E. von Wiegand, S.J. Biggs, Spatial Distortions in Active Tactile Exploration. A.M. Tollner, P. Hove, M.A. Riley, Perceiving Affordances of Hockey Sticks. J.B. Wagman, Students in Psychology 331.04, "How Heavy?" Does Not Depend on Which Hand. Part 5. Perception and Interception of Moving Objects. R. Arzamarski, S.J. Harrison, C.F. Michaels, Hand Trajectories for Catching Balls on Horizontal, Linear Trajectories. B. Castaneda, R. Gray, Effects of Attention on Performance in Baseball Batting. I. Dolgov, M.K. McBeath, T.G. Sugar, The Influence of Symmetry on Perception of Thrown, Oblong, Symmetrical Projectiles in 3D. A. Hajnal, R.W. Isenhower, S.J. Harrison, C.F. Michaels, An Information-Based Account of Lateral Interception: Coupling of Hand Movements to Optics in Novel Trajectories. J. Smith, G-J. Pepping, The Effects of Task Constraints on the Perceptual Guidance of Interceptive Reaching Toward a Moving Target. Part 6. Audition. B.C. Kirkwood, The Influence of Presentation Method on Auditory Length Perception. R.L. Robart, L.D. Rosenblum, Hearing Silent Shapes: Identifying the Shape of a Sound-Obstructing Surface. R.L. Robart, L.D. Rosenblum, Hearing Space: Identifying Rooms by Reflected Sound. R. GoasdouĂ©, B. Bril, The Role of Instrument Properties in Music Performance: Variations in Sound and Movements Induced by Baroque-Violin Playing. J.B. Wagman, K.M. Hopkins, J.L. Minarik, Does Length Sound Like What Length Feels Like? Part 7. Intermodal and Bimodal Perception-Action. C. Kim, T. Stoffregen, K. Ito, B. Bardy, Coupling Movement to Acoustic Flow in Sighted Adults. B. Mantel, B.G. Bardy, T.A. Stoffregen, Intermodal Specification of Egocentric Distance in a Target Reaching Task. A. Morice, I.A. Siegler, B.G. Bardy, Exploiting New Perception-Action Solutions in Ball Bouncing. J. Schmutz, D. Hyde, S. Gunderson, K. Gordon, R. Flom, The Effects of Bimodal and Unimodal Familiarization on Infants' Memory for Unimodal Events. M. Streit, K. Shockley, Optical Gain and the Perception of Heaviness. Part 8. Action and Coordination Dynamics. C. Carello, G.L. Pellecchia, P.G. Amazeen, M.T. Turvey, Stability and Variability of Rhythmic Coordination With Compromised Haptic Perceptual Systems. E. Faugloire, B.G. Bardy, T.A. Stoffregen, (De)Stabilization of Required vs. Spontaneous Postural Dynamics With Learning. N. Hirose, Effects of Task and Individual Characteristics on Microslips of Action. S.L. Hong, J.J. Sosnoff, K.M. Newell, Complexity and Stability in Isometric Force Production. J. Issartel, L. Marin, T. Bardainne, P. Gaillot, M. Cadopi, A New Method for Studying Non-Stationary Signals in Human Movement: The Cross-Wavelet Transform. B.A. Kay, T.G. Rhodes, A. Hajnal, R.W. Isenhower, Stability of Coordination Between Upper and Lower Body Rhythms During Treadmill Walking: Response to Changes in Walking Speed. A.J. Olmstead, R. Arzamarski, M. Moreno, G.L. Pellecchia, Effects of Coordination Stability on Simple Reaction Time in Dual Task Performance. Part 9. Postural Stabilization. C.T. Bonnet, T.A. Stoffregen, B.G. Bardy, Postural Stabilization of Looking: Eye Movement Data. O. Oullier, B.G. Bardy, R.J. Bootsma, T.A. Stoffregen, Intention to Sway Stabilizes Postural Coordination. V.C. Ramenzoni, M.A. Riley, Effects of Concurrent Memory Task on the Maintenance of Upright Stance. N.E. Saunders, M.A. Riley, Explicitly Minimizing Postural Sway While Performing a Visuo-Spatial Cognitive Task. Part 10. Picture Perception and Distance Perception. R.E. Jackson, Falling Towards a Theory of the Vertical-Horizontal Illusion. I. Juricevic, J. Kennedy, Perspective Picture Perception: A Test of the ART Theory. I. Juricevic, J. Kennedy, Object Constancy: Object Orientation Affects Relative Depth in Perspective Pictures? Part 11. Pedagogy. J. Effken, G. Lamb, M. McEwen, J. Verran, D. Vincent, M. Young, Using EPAID to Design Doctoral Minors.