1st Edition

Studies in Presocratic Philosophy Volume 2
The Eleatics and Pluralists

ISBN 9781138201583
Published August 1, 2018 by Routledge
446 Pages

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Book Description

The articles in this volume deal with the four major philosophical positions of the presocratic period:

  • The arguments of Parmenides and Zeno against earlier or contemporary pluralist theories
  • The three pluralist responses of Empedocles, Anaxagoras and the early Atomists.

Table of Contents

1. Studies in Parmenides Hermann Fränkel 2. Eleatic Questions G. E. L. Owen 3. The Principles of Parmenides’ Cosmogony A. A. Long 4. Zeno of Elea’s Attacks on Plurality Hermann Fränkel 5. Zeno and the Mathematicians G. E. L. Owen 6. Raven’s ‘Pythagoreans and Eleatics’ Gregory Vlastos 7. A Note on Zeno B I Gregory Vlastos 8. A Note on Zeno’s Arrow Gregory Vlastos 9. Zeno’s Race Course Gregory Vlastos 10. Love and Strife in Empedocles’ Cosmology F. Solmsen 11. Empedocles and the Clepsydra David J. Furley 12. Anaxagoras’ Theory of Matter F. M. Cornford 13. The Physical Theory of Anaxagoras Gregory Vlastos 14. One World or Many in Anaxagoras Gregory Vlastos 15. The Physical Theory of Anaxagoras Colin Strang 16. Ethics and Physics in Democritus Gregory Vlastos

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David John Furley was a Greco-Roman scholar, taught at University College London 1947-1966; Professor of Classics 1966-74, Charles Ewing Professor of Greek Language and Literature, Princeton University 1974-1992; Fellow, British Academy