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Studies in Roman Space and Urbanism

About the Series

Over the course of the last two decades the study of urban space in the Roman world has progressed rapidly with new analytical techniques, many drawn from other disciplines such as architecture and urban studies, being applied in the archaeological and literary study of Roman cities. These dynamically interdisciplinary approaches are at the centre of this series. The series includes both micro-level analyses of interior spaces as well as macro-level studies of Roman cities (and potentially also wider spatial landscapes outside the city walls). The series encourages collaboration and debate between specialists from a wide range of study beyond the core disciplines of ancient history, archaeology and Classics such as art history and architecture, geography and landscape studies, and urban studies. Ultimately the series provides a forum for scholars to explore new ideas about space in the Roman city.

For further information about contributing to the series please contact Amy Davis-Poynter at [email protected]

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Urbanisation in Roman Spain and Portugal Civitates Hispaniae in the Early Empire

Urbanisation in Roman Spain and Portugal: Civitates Hispaniae in the Early Empire

1st Edition


Pieter Houten
March 04, 2021

The principal aims of the book Urbanisation in Roman Spain and Portugal: Civitates Hispaniae in the Early Empire are to provide a comprehensive reconstruction of the urban systems of the Iberian Peninsula during the Early Empire and to explain why these systems looked the way they did. While some ...

Urban Space and Urban History in the Roman World

Urban Space and Urban History in the Roman World

1st Edition


Miko Flohr
December 18, 2020

This volume investigates how urban growth and prosperity transformed the cities of the Roman Mediterranean in the last centuries BCE and the fi rst centuries CE, integrating debates about Roman urban space with discourse on Roman urban history. The contributions explore how these cities developed ...

Food Provisions for Ancient Rome A Supply Chain Approach

Food Provisions for Ancient Rome: A Supply Chain Approach

1st Edition


Paul James
November 30, 2020

This book defines the processes used for delivering a range of food items to the city of Rome and its hinterland from the first century AD using modern supply chain modelling techniques. The subject matter delves into the wider supply of goods, such as wood and building products, to add further ...

Water and Urbanism in Roman Britain Hybridity and Identity

Water and Urbanism in Roman Britain: Hybridity and Identity

1st Edition

Jay Ingate
April 18, 2019

The establishment of large-scale water infrastructure is a defining aspect of the process of urbanisation. In places like Britain, the Roman period represents the first introduction of features that can be recognised and paralleled to our modern water networks. Writers have regularly cast these ...

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