1st Edition

Studies in the Economic History of Southern Africa Volume Two : South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland

    First Published in 1990. Volume Two of Studies of Economic History of South Africa, looks at the Lesotho and Swaziland regions. The unfolding history and historiography of Southern Africa pose profound challenges for both analysis and praxis in the last decade of the twentieth century. These challenges are reflected in the range of investigations and contradictions, some of which are treated here, which together constitute an intellectual and political conjuncture. This collection of studies deals with the countries which were not included in the companion book on the economic history of the Front- Line States. Most of the space in the present volume is devoted to South Africa, primarily because of its importance to the region but also because contributions to the economic history of that country in English are very extensive as compared to the other states of Southern Africa.

    List of maps, Acknowledgments, Editors’ Introduction, Notes on contributors and editors, 1. The Beginnings of Modem South African Society: The Meeting of Two Worlds, 2. The Origins of Racial Discrimination in the South African Labour Market, 3. The Making of the Rural Economy: From 1850 to the Present, 4. Mining: Patterns of Dependence and Development 1870-1930, 5. The Development of South Africa’s Manufacturing Industry, 6. Migrant Labour in the Industrial Transformation of South Africa, 1920—1960, 7. Industrial Decentralization and the Spatial Economy of Apartheid, 8. Foreign Disinvestment and Investment - South Africa: 1960-1986, 9. The Landlocked Countries: Swaziland, 10. Lesotho: The Role of Agriculture and Migration, 11. Continuing Crisis: Regional Coercion, Cooperation and Contradiction in Southern Africa, Index


    Edited by Zbigniew A. Konczacki, Jane L. Parpart and Timothy M. Shaw