1st Edition

Studies on Early Hungarian and Pontic History

By C.A. Macartney, László Péter Copyright 1999
    674 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1999. Professor C.A. Macartney was one of the foremost 20th-century authorities on the history of the Danube basin. His life’s work included the re-examination of the sources relating to early Hungarian and Pontic history. This selection of his studies (some of them hardly accessible because they were published in wartime conditions) illuminates one of the dark corners of medieval Europe and tackles controversial questions in the history of the nomadic steppe peoples, such as the Magyars, Pechenegs, Kavars and Cumans. Macartney’s treatment of the earliest Hungarian written sources and their interpretation laid the foundation for his shorter book, The Medieval Hungarian Historians. The present volume brings together for the first time, and indexes, his series of detailed studies on this material; penetrating in both its analysis and scholarship, this work remains indispensable for our understanding of the period and its historiography.

    Contents: The end of the Huns; On the Greek Sources for the History of the Turks in the Sixth Century; The attack on ’Valandar’; On the Black Bulgars; The Petchenegs; The Eastern Auxiliaries of the Magyars; The lives of St Gerard; The composition of the Zágráb and Várad Chronicles and their Relationship to the longer Narrative Chronicles; The Relation between the Narrative Chronicles and other Historical Texts; The Attila Saga, the Hun Chronicle, and T; The Hungarian Texts Relating to the Life of St Stephen; The Interpolations of the Chronicon Posoniense and the Genealogy of Almus in the Chronicon Budense; Unrecognised Components of the Chronicon Budense; The Origin, Structure and Meaning of the Hun Chronicle; The Hungarian National Chronicle; Dlugosz et le Chronicon Budense; The First Historians of Hungary; Index.


    C.A. Macartney, László Péter