1st Edition

Studies on the Origins and Uses of Islamic Hadith

By G.H.A. Juynboll Copyright 1996
    368 Pages
    by Routledge

    Since the beginnings of this century western scholars have become familiar with Ignaz Goldziher's hypothesis concerning canonical hadith literature - that religious literary genre of Islam, second in holiness to the Qur’an, which allegedly comprises faithful accounts of what the Prophet of Islam said and did. Goldziher rejected this allegation and maintained that the Hadith rather reflects in the first instance the social, legal, moral and theological debates among the Muslims of the first two and a half centuries after the death of the Prophet. But Goldziher never systematically searched for the real originators of this literature. In this collection of articles, G. H. A. Juynboll deals with the uses Muslims have made of hadith through the ages but studies on chronology, provenance, as well as authorship of the prophetic traditions form the backbone of this anthology. For this purpose the author has developed new methods of analysing the chains of transmitters initially meant to authenticate the individual sayings. His overall position can be summed up as midway between the official Islamic point of view and the stance adopted by his Western predecessors

    Contents: Introduction; The hadit in the discussion on birth-control; Ahmad Muhammad Shakir (1892-1958) and his edition of Ibn Hanbal’s Musnad; Muslim’s introduction to his Sahih translated and annotated with an excursus on the chronology of fitna and bid’a; Dyeing the hair and beard in early Islam. A hadith-analytical study; Some new ideas on the development of sunna as a technical term in early Islam; Some isnad-analytical methods illustrated on the basis of several woman-demeaning sayings from hadith literature; The role of mu’ammarun in the early development of the isnad; Some notes on Islam’s first fuqaha distilled from early hadith literature; Nafi’, the mawla of Ibn ’Umar, and his position in Muslim hadith literature; On the origins of the poetry in Muslim tradition literature; Early Islamic society as reflected in its use of isnads; Index.


    G.H.A. Juynboll