1st Edition

Studying African-Native Americans Problems, Perspectives, and Prospects

Edited By Robert Keith Collins Copyright 2023
    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines the academic study of the African and Native American contact, African cultural change in Native America, as well as the existence of African Americans with Native American ancestry and Native Americans with African ancestry in the Western Hemisphere. Drawing upon the fields of anthropology, history, and sociology that initiated research into these areas, this book attempts to provide understandings of how scholars have studied and continue to understand the experiences of African-Native Americans or individuals of blended − culturally and/or racially − African and Native American ancestry in the North, Central, and South America.

    It aims to illuminate problems, perspectives, and prospects for interdisciplinary research. The first part is structured to cover the problems – past and present − encountered in investigating the scope of the topic and presents an overview of the most important academic findings. The second part provides both anthropological and interdisciplinary perspectives on the lived experiences of African-Native Americans with both Native Americans and non-Native Americans. And, finally, it sketches out future directions in scholarship.

    This book will be of interest to anthropologists, historians, sociologists, and Ethnic Studies and Native American and Indigenous Studies scholars, from undergraduates interested in the topic to graduate students and researchers seeking to interrogate past research or fill explanatory gaps in the literature with new research.

    Introduction and Overview

    Part I: Problems

    1. Problems in the Study of African-Native American Identities

    Robert Keith Collins

    2. "Detroit is the Black Man’s Land": Internal Colonialism and Problem of Black Indigeneity in Post-Rebellion Detroit

    Kyle T. Mays

    3. Eugenics as Indian Removal: Sociohistorical Processes and the De(con)struction of American Indians in the Southeast

    Angela Gonzales, Judy Kertész, and Gabrielle Tayac

    Part II: Perspectives

    4. Afro-Native Realities

    Sharon P. Holland and Tiya Miles

    5. Southern New England Pow-Wows, Race, and Native American Identity

    Denene De Quintal

    Part III: Prospects for Future Research

    6. African and Native American Contact in Mexico, Central, and South America: Prospects for Twenty-First Century Research

    Robert Keith Collins

    7. A Final Note

    Robert Keith Collins  


    Robert Keith Collins, PhD, a four-field trained anthropologist, is Associate Professor of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University. He holds a BA in Anthropology, a BA in Native American Studies, and a minor in Ethnic Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. Dr. Collins also holds an MA and a PhD in Anthropology from UCLA. Using a person-centered ethnographic approach, his research explores American Indian cultural changes and African and Native American interactions in North, Central, and South America.