Sturge's Statistical and Thermal Physics, Second Edition  book cover
2nd Edition

Sturge's Statistical and Thermal Physics, Second Edition

ISBN 9780367779498
Published March 31, 2021 by CRC Press
422 Pages

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Book Description

The original work by M.D. Sturge has been updated and expanded to include new chapters covering non-equilibrium and biological systems. This second edition re-organizes the material in a more natural manner into four parts that continues to assume no previous knowledge of thermodynamics.

The four divisions of the material introduce the subject inductively and rigorously, beginning with key concepts of equilibrium thermodynamics such as heat, temperature and entropy. The second division focuses on the fundamentals of modern thermodynamics: free energy, chemical potential and the partition function. The second half of the book is then designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of both the instructor and the students, with a third section focused on the different types of gases: ideal, Fermi-Dirac, Bose-Einstein, Black Body Radiation and the Photon gases. In the fourth and final division of the book, modern thermostatistical applications are addressed: semiconductors, phase transitions, transport processes, and finally the new chapters on non-equilibrium and biological systems.

Key Features:

  • Provides the most readable, thorough introduction to statistical physics and thermodynamics, with magnetic, atomic, and electrical systems addressed alongside development of fundamental topics at a non-rigorous mathematical level.
  • Includes brand-new chapters on biological and chemical systems and non-equilibrium thermodynamics, as well as extensive new examples from soft condensed matter and correction of typos from the prior edition.
  • Incorporates new numerical and simulation exercises throughout the book.
  • Adds more worked examples, problems, and exercises.

Table of Contents

SECTION I Preamble 1 Introduction 2 Temperature, Work, and Heat 3 Heat Engines SECTION II The Fundamentals of Modern Thermodynamics 4 Macrostates and Microstates 5 Entropy, Free Energy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics 6 The Canonical Distribution: The Boltzmann Factor and the Partition Function 7 Continuous Energy Levels, the Density of States, and Equipartition 8 Systems with a Variable Number of Particles: The Chemical Potential SECTION III The Thermodynamics of Gases 9 Perfect Gases 10 Ideal Gases and Solutions 11 Black Body Radiation and the Photon Gas 12 The Perfect Bose Gas: Bose-Einstein Condensation 13 The Perfect Fermi Gas SECTION IV Modern Thermostatistical Applications 14 Electrons and Holes in Semiconductors 15 Phase Transitions 16 Transport Processes 17 Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics 18 Biological Systems

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Jeffrey Olafsen is an Associate Professor of Physics at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. His research focuses on experimental non-equilibrium and nonlinear dynamics, including granular physics and biomechanics. The research in his laboratory has been primarily pursued with undergraduate researchers who are co-authors on his journal articles. The soft matter systems about which he publishes often draw on analogies to traditional thermodynamical systems.