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Subcultures and Subversions: 1750-1850

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Ossian and Ossianism

Ossian and Ossianism

1st Edition

Edited By Dafydd Moore
September 27, 2004

James Macpherson's The Poems of Ossian (1760-1763) were one of the publishing sensations of the eighteenth century. Macpherson's supposed discovery of the epic poet Ossian in the Scottish Highlands provoked fascination and controversy in equal measure. His vision of a romantic Celtic past of ...

Shakespeare Imitations, Parodies and Forgeries

Shakespeare Imitations, Parodies and Forgeries

1st Edition

Edited By Jeffrey Kahan
July 01, 2004

Shakespeare Imitations is a collection of all-but-forgotten Shakespearean plays, composed between 1710 and 1820. These imitations, parodies and forgeries reveal the biases of eighteenth-century Shakespeare in London theatre. But these plays are far from derivative. Indeed, rather than simply ...

Romanticism and Science Subcultures and Subversions

Romanticism and Science: Subcultures and Subversions

1st Edition

Edited By Tim Fulford
August 02, 2002

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is perhaps the best-known and most widely studied literary representation of science. Yet it is by no means the only text of its time to fictionalize the latest experiments and discoveries of natural philosophers. Science was burgeoning in the years 1760-1840, ...

Sexual Outcasts 1750-1850

Sexual Outcasts: 1750-1850

1st Edition

Edited By Ian McCormick
August 09, 2000

Sexual Outcasts presents a wide range of texts selected to illustrate the diversity of responses to the concealed body and to the secret or forbidden sexual practices of 1750-1850. Each volume follows the means by which prohibitions and taboos were produced and circulated. The reader can therefore ...

Cult Criminals: The Newgate Novels (1830-47)

Cult Criminals: The Newgate Novels (1830-47)

1st Edition

Edited By Juliet John
January 27, 1998

Cult Criminals is a set of early Victorian novels 'sensationally' popular with readers and of immense influence in the development of the novel form. All six novels, commonly labelled 'Newgate' novels, scandalized the Victorians by glamorizing criminals and led to a bitter literary controversy ...

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