1st Edition

Suburban Land Conversion in the United States An Economic and Governmental Process

By Marion Clawson Copyright 2011

    This comprehensive study of land use on the suburban fringe analyzes the complex relationships that underlie land conversion in the United States. It contains a detailed examination of the northwestern urban complex; some nationwide projections for the future; and a list of measures that, singularly or together, may change the nature and results of the suburban land conversion process. Originally published in 1971

    1: Scope, Focus, and Design of the Book; I: Forces, Processes, Actors; 2: Some Measures of Urbanization; 3: Postwar Urbanization in the United States; 4: The Nature of the Urban Impact on the Rural Countryside; 5: The Decision-Making Process in Urban Expansion; 6: The Chief Actors in Urban Expansion; 7: The Suburban Land Market; 8: Public Services for Suburban Areas; 9: Externalities and Interdependencies in Urban Land Uses and Values; II: The Northeastern Urban Complex in the United States; 10: An Overview of the Complex; 11: Land Use in Three Study Areas of the Northeastern Urban Complex; 12: Decision Making in Suburbanization of the Three Study Areas; 13: A Glance at Other Metropolitan Areas in the Northeastern Urban Complex; 14: The Emerging Regional Urban Complex; III: Possibilities for the Future; 15: A Summary Appraisal of Suburban Land Conversion; 16: Another Generation of the Present Suburbanization Process; 17: Alternatives for Planned Modification of the Suburban Land Conversion Process


    Marion Clawson