1st Edition

Successful Product and Business Development, First Edition

By N. Giragosian Copyright 1978

    This book shows how the people carrying out industrial commercial development perform the vital functions and deals with the organization and structure of commercial development. It describes the change in thinking of chemical companies from a product-oriented outlook to a business-oriented one.

    Part I: Introduction and Scope of Commercial Development 1. Past, Present, and Future of Commercial Development 2. Organizing for and Managing Commercial Development 3. Innovation and Creation of New Product Ideas 4. Business Planning 5. New Venture Management 6. Inputs to Commercial Development Part II: Managing the Function 7. Understanding the Environment of New Business Ventures 8. The Selection and Evaluation of New Projects 9. New Product Pricing 10. The Communications Program 11. External Sources of Commercial Development Assistance Part III: Interrelationships 12. What Top Management Expects from Commercial Development 13. Interrelationships with Other Corporate Functions Part IV: Other Aspects of Commercial Development 14. International Commercial Development 15. Future Trends in Commercial Development


    N. Giragosian