1st Edition

Sufism in Punjab Mystics, Literature and Shrines

Edited By Surinder Singh, Ishwar Dayal Gaur Copyright 2024

    This anthology is a collective endeavor of scholars from India and Pakistan devoted to Sufi mystics, literature and shrines with a detailed introduction.

    The essays explore the methods adopted by the Punjab Sufis to popularize the mystic ideology and praxis in the medieval socio-cultural milieu. These writings also delve into the different genres of Sufi literature, both in the elite and vernacular languages, intending to appreciate the nuances of Punjab Sufism. Apart from the architectural features of the Sufi shrines, the anthology attempts to illumine the organic linkages between these institutions and the Punjabis and, thus, underscore the Sufi non-communitarian devotion as a primary ingredient of the Punjabi cultural fusion.

    This title is co-published with Aakar Books. Print editions not for sale in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan)



    Part I: Sufi Mystics

    1. Advent of Sufism in Medieval Punjab: A Narrative of its Historical Role

    Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui

    2. Sons of Bread and Sons of Soul: Lineal and Spiritual Descendants of Baba Farid and the Issue of Succession

    Tanvir Anjum

    3. Path of Shaikh Bahauddin Zakariya: A Contrastive Model of Mysticism

    Humaira Arif Dasti

    4. Suhrawardi Mysticism in South-Western Punjab: Contribution of Syed Jalaluddin Bukhari Makhdum-i-Jahaniyan

    Aneesa Iqbal Sabir

    5. A Panoramic Reconstruction of Sufism in the Jammu Hills

    Jigar Mohammed

    6. Development of Qadiri Mysticism at Lahore: Principles and Practices of Miyan Mir

    Surinder Singh

    7. Role of Sufis and Bhaktas in North-Western India during the Eighteenth Century

    Zahir Uddin Malik

    Part II: Sufi Literature

    8. Theory and Practice of Islamic Mysticism: An Exposition by Ali bin Usman Hujwiri

    Mohammad Tazeem

    9. Baba Farid: The Pioneer of Punjabi Sufi Poetry

    Saeed Ahmad

    10. Authenticity of Malfuz Literature: A Case Study of the Rahat-ul-Qulub

    S.M. Azizuddin Husain

    11. Female Voice in Punjabi Sufi Poetry: Its Character and Concerns

    Ishwar Dayal Gaur

    12. Formation of Naqshbandi Mysticism: Studying the Major Writings of Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi

    Iqbal Sabir

    13. Some Prominent Strands in the Poetry of Sultan Bahu

    Tahir Kamran

    Part III: Sufi Shrines

    14. Early Sufi Tombs in South-Western Punjab: Understanding the Architectural Features

    Subhash Parihar

    15. Some Prominent Sufi Shrines of South-Eastern Punjab: A Study of their History and Form

    Hitender Kumar

    16. Shrine of Shaikh Sadruddin at Malerkotla: History, Politics and Culture

    Salim Mohammed

    17. Devotional Linkages of Punjab with the Chishti Shrine at Ajmer: Gleanings from the Vikalatnamas

    Syed Liyaqat Hussain Moini

    18. Historicity, Orality and the ‘Lesser Shrines’: Popular Culture and Change at the Dargah of Panj Pir at Abohar

    Yogesh Snehi


    Shrine of Miyan Mir at Lahore: A Note from the Tahqiqat-i-Chishti

    Surinder Singh




    Surinder Singh has been Professor at the Department of History, Punjab University, Chandigarh. His books and articles explore medieval India and undivided Panjab, with reference to polity, society and culture.

    Ishwar Dayal Gaur is former Professor of History, Department of Evening Studies-Multi Disciplinary Research Centre, Panjab University Chandigarh. His area of research and interest is Panjab history, Literature and culture.