1st Edition

Suggested Resources for Maps to Use in Conjunction with Asia in Western and World History

By Ainslie T. Embree, Carol Gluck Copyright 2000

    Suggested Resources for MAPS to use in conjunction with Asia in Western and World History A Guide for Teaching.

    I. ASIA IN WESTERN HISTORY, Introductions, The Shape of the World: Eurasia, Asian Influences on the West, Essays: The Beginnings of Contact and Interdependence: Western Asia and the West, Interfusion of Asian and Western Cultures: Islamic Civilization and Europe to 1500, The Mongols and the West, Asia and the West in the New World Economy— The Limited Thalassocracies: The Portuguese and the Dutch in Asia, 1498-1700, Asia and the West in the New World Order—From Trading Companies to Free Trade Imperialism: The British and Their Rivals in Asia, 1700-1850, The Rise and Fall of Western Empire in Asia: 1500-1975, Asia and the West in the Twentieth-Century World Order, II. ASIA IN WORLD HISTORY, Essays, Primary Civilization in Asia The Origins of Civilization in China, Some Contrasts and Comparisons of Zhou China and Ancient Greece, The Spread of Power: Empires East and West Empire in East Asia, Systematizing the Transcendental: The Emergence of Major Religions and World Views The Analects of Confucius Religions and World Views in Asia and World History, The Era of Asian Discovery: Trade and the Contact of Cultures China, 300-1200 Japan, 550-838 India, 100 b.c.e-1500 a.d.
    Separate Spheres and New Links: A New State in World History, 1000-1500 The Case of China, 1000-1500 The Case of Japan, 1000-1500, The Rise of an Interdependent World, 1500-1990, The Expansion of Europe, 1450-1700 Japan and the West, 1543-1640, Europe and the World in and Expanding World Economy, 1700-1850, IH. MODERN ASIA, 1600-1990, Tokugawa Japan, 1600-1867 Five Myths about Early Modern Japan.


    Embree, Ainslie T.; Gluck, Carol