1st Edition

Suicide and Homicide-Suicide Among Police

By Antoon Leenaars, Dale Lund Copyright 2010
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    215 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The goal of this book is to fully explore what the author refers to as 'the near epidemic levels of suicide and homicide-suicide' among law enforcement officers, and ultimately to offer recommendations and best practices with which to better address the problem.  The book begins by discussing suicide in some depth, for one has to know suicide, unequivocally, to understand a suicidal or homicidal-suicidal officer. Suicide and homicide-suicide are complex, multi-determined events - the result of an interplay of individual, relational, social, cultural and environmental factors. The complexity of causation necessitates a parallel complexity of knowledge. There are at least two avenues to understanding: the nomothetic (general) approach, which deals with generalizations using empirical, statistical and demographic methods or techniques; and the idiographic (specific) approach, which typically involves the intense study of individuals. This book explores both. Attempting to be mindful of the needs of the office on the street, the mental health provider, the administrator, the forensic specialist, and the survivors of these needless tragedies, the belief is that by amalgamating the concerns of a diverse audience, we can meet the challenge of identifying at-risk individuals and situations, and saving lives.


     Act 5, Scene II: Othello, William Shakespeare

     CHAPTER 1

     CHAPTER 2
     Homicide. Suicide: Are They Related?

     CHAPTER 3
     Police Suicide: Classical Studies

     CHAPTER 4
     Police Suicide: Current Studies

     CHAPTER 5

     CHAPTER 6
     Homicide-Suicide. Police

     CHAPTER 7
     Suicide. Homicide-Suicide. Police: Prevention

     CHAPTER 8
     Suicide. Homicide-Suicide. Police: Policies & Procedures

     CHAPTER 9
     Suicide. Homicide-Suicide. Police: A Public Case

     CHAPTER 10
     Recommendations for the Prevention/Intervention/Postvention of Suicide. Homicide-Suicide. Police





    Leenaars, Antoon; Lund, Dale