1st Edition

Sun Yatsen, Robert Wilcox and Their Failed Revolutions, Honolulu and Canton 1895 Dynamite on the Tropic of Cancer

By Patrick Anderson Copyright 2021
    522 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    522 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Dynamite on the Tropic of Cancer is the radical, explosive retelling of the first decade of the 'Father of Modern China' Dr Sun Yatsen’s globally shaped formation as a professional revolutionist, and of the impact of the adult Sun’s revolutionary relationship with Hawaiʻi and with his varied communities of supporters there during its own most turbulent political decade, the 1890s, years in which this remote island nation transformed from native monarchy, via sovereign independent republic, to become the USA’s first overseas territory. Drawn from neglected primary sources, Dynamite reveals the hitherto untold story of the secret revolutionary alliance forged in Honolulu’s backstreets between Sun’s Xingzhonghui and the idiosyncratic italophile soldier Robert Wilcox, "Hawaiʻi’s Garibaldi" and leader of the Kanaka/Native Hawaiian counterrevolution of January 1895. This failed uprising to restore Hawaiʻi’s tragic last Queen, witnessed firsthand by Sun Yatsen, became the archetype upon which ten months later Sun would base his own first attempt at armed insurrection in China: the Canton uprising of 26 October 1895. With an epic sweep across the Pacific’s Tropic of Cancer, Dynamite is the most important study yet written on the origins of Sun Yatsen’s Chinese Revolution and its dynamic interface with Hawaiian history.

    Part One


    1. Sun Yatsen: Evolution of a Professional Revolutionist

    Part Two

    2. The Five-Year Lifecycle of the Hawaiian Republic, 1893 to 1898

    3. Hawai'i Politics and the Hawaiian-Chinese Huaqiao Struggle for Political Recognition, circa 1887 to 1898

    4. Sun Yatsen in Honolulu: 1894–1895 and 1895–1896

    5. Robert Wilcox, Hawai'i's Garibaldi

    6. E. C. Crick, "The Man with Many Professions"

    7. A Tale of Two Revolutionary Failures: Honolulu and Canton, 1895

    Part Three

    8. Sun Yatsen and the Hawaiian Star

    Appendix 1: Sun Yatsen’s Unknown Fifth Visit to Hawaiʻi, 18 April to 5 June 1901

    Appendix 2: Sun Yatsen, Hawaiian Citizen?: A Re-Investigation of the Mystery of SunYatsen's Hawaiian Birth Certificate

    Appendix 3: Constitutions and Voting Rights in Hawaiʻi during Sun Yatsen’s Seven Visits, 1879–1910

    Appendix 4: Did Robert Wilcox Have Two Chinese Nephews?
    Appendix 5: (Not Necessarily) Sun Yatsen’s Hawaiʻi?


    Patrick Anderson works for Queen Mary, University of London. He lectured at universities in Beijing and Guangzhou (Canton) in mainland China in the 1990s.