1st Edition

Super Spellers Starter Sets

By Mark Weakland Copyright 2019

    With Super Spellers Starter Sets, you have everything you need to bring to life the wisdom of Super Spellers: Seven Steps to Transforming Your Spelling Instruction. Building on his research-based approach, Mark Weakland provides lesson plans and tools to create spelling centers and teach spelling strategies. This teacher resource provides a wealth of material, all adaptable to match the needs of your students:

    • Seven spelling strategy lessons every student needs to know
    • More than 20 lessons for different grade levels
    • Pointers, differentiated word lists, sorting masters and correlating word ladders
    • Six must-have spelling centers for nurturing independent practice
    • A resource-rich appendix

    With these resources, your students will notice and remember spelling patterns and words while making connections between spelling and their reading and writing lives.


    Chapter 1: Lesson Sets for Teaching Spelling Strategies

    Chapter 2: Spelling Centers That Support Strategies

    Chapter 3: Lesson Sets for Teaching Spelling, Grade Band 1–3

    Chapter 4: Lesson Sets for Teaching Spelling, Grade Band 3–5


    Mark Weakland is a Pennsylvania-based literacy coach and consultant with 23 years in public education as a 4th and 5th grade learning support teacher, reading consultant, and Title I reading specialist, K-6.  He is the author of resource books for teachers and more than 65 books for children, as well as the creator of various award-winning music projects. Follow him on Twitter @MarkWeakland and visit his website at www.MarkWeaklandLiteracy.com.