1st Edition

Supercomputing in Engineering Analysis

Edited By Hojjat Adeli Copyright 1991

    The first volume in this new series has a companion in volume 2 (unseen), Parallel processing in computational mechanics . The first six contributions present general aspects of supercomputing from both hardware and software engineering points of view. Subsequent chapters discuss homotopy algorithms

    Preface -- Contributors -- About the Editor -- 1.Supercomputing in the 1990s: A Distributed Solution /S. Ashley Burns and Charlie F. Bender -- 2.Advanced Architecture Computers /Jack Dongarra and Iain S. Duff -- 3.VLSI Architectures for Supercomputing /Tse-yun Feng and Chuan-lin Wu -- 4.Benchmarking Super- and Minisupercomputers /Wolfgang Gentzsch -- 5.Automatic Restructuring for Parallel and Vector Computers /Hans Zima and Barbara Chapman -- 6.Supercomputing with Data-Driven Wavefront Array Processors /David John Evans and Michael P. Bekakos -- 7.Homotopy Algorithms for Engineering Analysis /Layne T. Watson and Manohar P. Kamat -- 8.Optimization of Finite-Element Software Systems on Supercomputers /Louis Komzsik -- 9.Parallel Spectral Computations of Complex Engineering Flows /George Em Karniadakis and Steven A. Orszag -- 10.Supercomputing in Reservoir Simulation /Richard E. Ewing -- Index.


    PROFESSOR HOJJAT ADELI received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1976. He taught at Northwestern University and the University of Utah before joining The Ohio State University in 1983. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Microcomputers in Civil Engineering, which he founded in 1986. A contributor to 30 research journals, he has authored more than 200 research and technical publica-tions in various fields of computer science and engineering. He is the author of Interactive Microcomputer-Aided Structural Steel Design and coauthor of Expert Sys¬tems for Structural Design-A New Generation. He is the editor of Expert Systems in Construction and Structural Engineering, Knowledge Engineering: Volume One- Fundamentals and Volume Two-Applications, and Parallel Processing in Computa¬tional Mechanics (Marcel Dekker, Inc.), and coeditor of the two-volume Mechanics Computing in 1990’s and Beyond. Professor Adeli has received numerous academic, research, and leadership awards, honors, and recognition. His recent awards include The Ohio State University College of Engineering 1990 Research Award in Recogni¬tion of Outstanding Research Accomplishments and The Ohio State University 1990 Lichtenstein Memorial Award for Faculty Excellence. Most recently, in December, 1990, he received the American Biographical Institute’s Man of the Year Award.