Superstrings and Other Things : A Guide to Physics book cover
3rd Edition

Superstrings and Other Things
A Guide to Physics

ISBN 9781138364882
Published May 5, 2020 by CRC Press
474 Pages 352 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Continuing to take readers on a uniquely accessible journey through physics, Superstrings and Other Things: A Guide to Physics, Third Edition, explains the basic concepts of motion, energy, and gravity, right up to the latest theories about the structure of matter, the origin and structure of the universe, and the beginning of time. Fully updated throughout, this book explores major historical discoveries and the scientists behind them. In addition, this comprehensive text details the breathtaking frontiers of physics being explored today. Offering nonscience students access to the highest peaks of physics, Dr. Calle translates concepts so they can be appreciated by those with willing curiosity and imagination.


  • Provides up-to-date coverage of modern physics,
  • Offers nonscience students and laymen access to the highest peaks of physics,
  • Showcases modern applications of physics in our everyday world.

Table of Contents

 Part 1: Introductory Concepts

Chapter 1. Physics: The Fundamental Science

Part 2: The Laws of Mechanics

Chapter 2. The Description of Motion

Chapter 3. The Laws of Mechanics: Newton’s Laws of Motion

Chapter 4. Energy

Chapter 5. Conservation of Energy and Momentum

Chapter 6. Rotation and the Universal Law of Gravitation

Part 3: The Structure of the Universe

Chapter 7. Atoms: Building Blocks of the Universe

Chapter 8. The Heart of the Atom: The Nucleus

Chapter 9. Fluids

Part 4: Thermodynamics

Chapter 10. Heat and Temperature

Chapter 11. The Laws of Thermodynamics

Part 5: Electricity and Magnetism

Chapter 12. Electricity

Chapter 13. Applied Electricity

Chapter 14. Electromagnetism

Part 6: Waves

Chapter 15. Wave Motion

Chapter 16. Sound

Chapter 17. Optics

Chapter 18. The Nature of Light

Part 7: Modern Physics

Chapter 19. The Special Theory of Relativity

Chapter 20. The General Theory of Relativity

Chapter 21. The Early Atomic Theory

Chapter 22. Quantum Mechanics

Chapter 23. Nuclear Physics

Chapter 24. Elementary Particles

Chapter 25. Unifying Physics

Chapter 26 Superstrings

Chapter 27. The Origin and Structure of the Universe

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Dr. Carlos I. Calle is a NASA senior research scientist and the founder and director of NASA’s Electrostatics and Surface Physics Laboratory at the Kennedy Space Center. He holds a doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics from Ohio University. Dr. Calle has been working on the physical properties of the lunar and Martian soil and is currently designing and building instrumentation for future planetary exploration missions. As one of the world experts on the electrostatic properties of the lunar and Martian dust, he has been working on methods to keep dust from the space suits and equipment being planned for the lunar exploration missions. He is also involved in applying physics solutions to increase the safety of space flight. He is the recipient of numerous NASA awards, including the NASA Exceptional Technological Achievement Medal in 2010 and the Spaceflight Awareness Award in 2003 for exceptional contributions to the space program. He has over 150 scientific publications and several patents