1st Edition


Edited By Jaegwon Kim Copyright 2002

    The International Research library of Philosophy collects in book form a wide range of important and influential essays in philosophy, drawn predominantly from English language journals. Each volume in the library deals with a field of enquiry which has received significant attention in philosophy in the last 25 years and is edited by a philosopher noted in that field.

    Contents: Physicalism: ontology, determination and reduction, Geoffrey Paul Hellman and Frank Wilson Thompson; Supervenience revisited, Simon Blackburn; Concepts of supervenience, Jaegwon Kim; Supervenience for multiple domains, Jaegwon Kim; Postscripts on supervenience, Jaegwon Kim; Supervenience and microphysics, Terence Horgan; From supervenience to superdupervenience: meeting the demands of a material world, Terence Horgan; Varieties of supervenience; Brian P. McLaughlin; Varieties of supervenience, Robert Stalnaker; Supervenience: ontological and ascriptive, James C. Klagge; 'Global' supervenient determination: too permissive? John F. Post; In defense of global supervenience, R. Cranston Paull and Theodore R. Sider; Supervenience, necessary coextension and reducibility, John Bacon; Supervenience and closure, James van Cleve; Humean supervenience, David Lewis; An argument for strong supervenience, Barry Loewer; Arguments for supervenience and physical realization, David Papineau; Against the doctrine of microphysical supervenience, Trenton Merricks; Moral supervenience, Nicholas Zangwill; Supervenience, essentialism and aesthetic properties, Gregory Currie; Name index.


    Jaegwon Kim