1st Edition

Supply Chain Management The Basics and Beyond

By William C. Copacino Copyright 1997

    From one of the world's leading consultants, authors and practitioners in the area of supply chain management comes the most extensive coverage of the subject to date. Bringing more than 18 years of experience in logistics, manufacturing, purchasing, customer service, and supply chain management in a wide variety of industries, William Copacino offers his unique insight and recommendations in Supply Chain Management.
    This important book provides an overview of all areas of supply chain management in a concise yet informative style. Any busy executive or manager looking to deepen his or her understanding of supply chain management will find this efficient reading.
    Ideal for manufacturers, service companies, suppliers, distributors and retailers in consumer product, electronic, automotive, pharmaceutical and medical product industries. Provides strategies, tools and techniques for both executives and managers in production, purchasing, inventory control, customer service, distribution and accounting. Academicians will find it fits the growing needs of students studying business and especially production/operations management.

    Introduction and Overview
    Overview of Supply Chain Management and Logistics Strategy
    Links with the Extended Value Chain
    The Supply Chain Planning Process
    Positioning the Supply Chain and Logistics within your Company
    Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the Competitive Context
    Gaining Strategic and Competitive Advantage from Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Structuring Supply Chain Capabilities
    Customer Service
    Understanding the Customer
    Building a Customer Focused Supply Chain
    Functional Excellence
    Logistics as a Process
    Forecasting and Inventory Control
    Transportation and Warehousing
    Information Technology
    Techniques for Supply Chain Excellence
    Understanding the Supply Chain Process
    Cost Analysis and Measurement
    Analytic Technologies
    Future Trends and Issues/Broader Context
    Emerging Logistics Directions
    Industry and Related Developments


    William C. Copacino is the Managing Partner of Andersen Consulting’s Strategic Services Practice in the Northeast.