1st Edition

Surface Engineering Processes and Applications

By Ken N. Strafford Copyright 1994

    This volume covers both innovative and basic methods of surface engineering for improved surface properties.

    Plasma Sprayed Ceramic Coatings
    Crafting the Surface with Glow Discharge Plasmas
    Surface Engineering of Polymers for Biomedical Applications
    Coil-Coating Products in the Building Industry
    Metallurgical and Optical Thin Films Produced by Filtered Arc Evaporation
    Ion-Assisted Deposition: Film Properties and Processes
    Refractory Metal and Alloy Coatings by Magnetron Sputtering
    Coatings Produced by Sharc PVD Arc Source
    Plasma-Assisted PVD
    Plasma Nitriding
    Laser Hardfacing
    Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation at Elevated Temperatures
    Coatings and Surface Treatments in Manufacturing
    Characterization and QA of Surfaces and Surface Coatings
    Surface Engineering for Control of Corrosion and Wear
    Surface Degradation of Oxides, Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers
    Assessment of Plasma-Sprayed Coating: ND Techniques
    Fatigue of Surface-Hardened Gears


    Ken N. Strafford