1st Edition

Surface Segregationphenomena

By Peter A. Dowben, Allen Miller Copyright 1990
    440 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The purpose of this book is to discuss the phenomena associated with the segregation of one element in a multicomponent material. It describes the kinetics of segregation and contains a tabular summary of the pros and cons of the various models. The easy-to-read chapters outline in detail the macroscopic approach and provide an in-depth review of broken-bond models. This comprehensive informative resource also addresses important multicomponent systems. These systems include metals with non-metallic constituents, semiconductor-metal interfaces, steels and steel-related alloys, and real catalysts. Readers of this text will gain a good fundamental understanding and overview of surface, interfacial, and selvedge segregation. Those who have an interest in physics, vacuum science, material science, and chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering will benefit from this imperative work.

    Kinetics of Segregation. Bond-Breaking and Chemical Thermodynamic Models of Surface Segregation. Calculation of the Surface Segregation of Alloys Using the Embedded Atom Method. Segregation of Grain Boundaries. Depth Profiling of Segregation at Alloy Surfaces. Core Level Spectroscopy and Characterization of Surface Segregation. Low Energy Electron Diffraction. Surface Segregation of Nonmetal Atoms on Metal Surfaces. Cosegregation, Precipitation and Phase Transitions on Single Crystal Surfaces. Surface Segregation at Evolving Metal/Semiconductor Interfaces. Interfacial Segregation in Steel and Steel-Related Alloys. Segregation in Real Catalysts. A Compilation of Experimental Binary Alloy Surface Segregation Studies.


    Peter A. Dowben, Allen Miller